In the construction industry, there are a number of things that can go wrong when the weather turns cold. One of the most debilitating is when your expensive materials or equipment experience negative reactions to cool or freezing temperatures. Construction and cold weather don’t mix that well, but often the project can’t wait for the warmth to return.

Powerblanket is in the business of helping construction industries like concrete, roofing, spray foam, painting, and others make the most of cold weather. Powerblanket® products make sure that equipment and materials are safe from the cold. Whether you need to keep water-based paint from freezing, cure epoxy at ideal temperatures, heat concrete so that it can fully set, or even thaw frozen ground; Powerblanket heaters make it all possible.

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Powerblanket solutions for the Construction Industry

A few of the most useful Powerblanket® products for the construction industry are ground-thawing blankets, concrete curing blankets, spray foam heaters, and bulk material warmers (HotBox):

Ground Thawing Blankets

Ground Thawing Blanket

The high watt density in Powerblanket® Ground Thawing Blankets allows you to tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. Our ground thawing blankets have a higher watt density and higher temperature range than our concrete curing blankets. These higher temperatures allow for ground-thawing applications. In certain instances, these blankets can be used to cure epoxies
or resins.

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Concrete Curing Blankets

Powerblanket® Concrete Curing Blankets make it possible to cure concrete in the cold-weather months. Powerblanket® heated curing blankets come in various lengths and sizes to fit any project. So whether your job is big or small, simple or complex—Powerblanket has you covered.

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Spray Foam Container Heaters

Powerblanket® Drum Warmers and Spray Foam Cylinder Heaters are the ideal heaters for Spray Foam and other temperature-sensitive chemicals. Powerblanket heaters are designed to heat evenly across the entire surface area. Patented technology eliminates hot and cold spot, which means no overheating or burning of product. With Powerblanket heaters, you can keep SPF and other industrial chemicals within industry-defined temperature ranges.

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Bulk Material Warmers (Hot Box)

The Powerblanket® Hot Box saves money by keeping bulk or palletized materials from freezing. The Hot Box is designed with an internal, freestanding frame and can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. This makes it ideal for transporting, job site heating, remote location use, and other heating requirements. The Hot Box’s adjustable thermostatic controllers allow you to set the desired temperature and keep it there.

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