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When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s too late to plan for emergencies. Protect your operations and avoid costly shutdowns with proactive cold weather preparation.

What you get

Powertrace self-regulating heat trace cables from Powerblanket maintain safe temperatures in your pipes and vessels. Ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials no matter how cold it gets.

  • Maintain Operations in Freezing Weather: Never worry about frozen pipes or vessels shutting you down when temperatures plummet. Powertrace cables actively respond to temperature changes to prevent freeze-ups.
  • Custom System Design for Your Needs: Get a customized Powertrace heat trace recommendation designed specifically for your pipe sizes, layout, and climate conditions from our experts.
  • Saves You Money: Avoiding emergencies, production losses from shutdowns, pipe repairs or replacements easily offsets the low cost of installing Powertrace freeze protection. Get a quote to see savings!

Avoid Cold-Weather Shutdowns