Industrial Heating Solutions

Powerblanket is the leader in Industrial heating solutions. Whether you need our ready-to-ship, insulated drum heating jackets, ibc tote heaters, and bulk material warmers, or you require a custom solution, we have the industrial heating solution for you. From freeze protection to process heating, Powerblanket has you covered. 

Drum and Bucket Warmers

Powerblanket® Drum and Bucket Warmers, with patented GreenHeat™ technology, protect product by maintaining desired temperature through an evenly heated area, thus reducing downtime. This keeps chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges, which means less overheating and burning of product.

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Tote and DEF Tote Heaters

Powerblanket® Tote Heaters, with patented GreenHeat™ technology, save products by keeping them within safe temperature ranges. The flexible weather resistant tote heaters fit 275 and 330 gallon IBC totes and include an adjustable thermostatic controller.

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Bulk Material Warmers (Hot Box)

Powerblanket’s bulk material warmer is the perfect answer for keeping critical materials warm in bulk.

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Custom Industrial Heating Solutions

We offer a custom approach to providing the right heating solution for your product, project, or plan. Powerblanket custom industrial heating solutions cover a wide variety of applications, protecting your critical materials and equipment and optimizing your processes.

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