Case Studies

Drum & Bucket heaters

  • Air Liquide Fluid Temperature Control

    Air Liquide moves dichlorasaline gas from 1 ton cylinders to smaller, portable containers for distribution. The major hurdle they faced came as the gas became too cold in winter and cold conditions, preventing the container from draining completely. Ideally, this gas needed to maintain . . .

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  • zeller & Sons Crystallized Honey Solutions

    Zeller and Sons harvests the honey straight from the hives and then stores it in big barrels. At first, they didn’t have an efficient way to get the crystallized honey out of the barrels. Once the honey has been harvested, it begins to crystallize which makes the honey very thick and hard.

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  • coconut oil warming solutions

    “We use a lot of coconut oil,” McFarland said, adding that he usually used a microwave or other methods to warm up his oil. At times, McFarland said he had to get creative. “For a couple of years I had been using an aquarium heater to melt the oil,” he said.

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  • Revere roofing solutions

    n April 2019, Revere Roofing employees were eager to try out a new spray adhesive for single-ply membranes, allowing jobs to be finished faster. However, the weather was still too chilly to try out the spray adhesive, which needs to be kept at or above 70° F. The company began searching for heating options so they could power through the cold.

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Concrete Curing & Ground Thawing

  • Massman cold weather concrete innovations

    While constructing Kansas City’s Christopher S. Bond Bridge Massman encountered a mid-winter dilemma. The bridge primarily utilized precast concrete, but the panels left an 18-inch wide by 12-inch deep gap (46 cm x 31 cm). Unfortunately, the support beam beneath the bridge, which formed the bottom of the gap, was exposed to temperatures of -5°F (-21°C).

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  • walsh cold weather contreting

    Walsh concluded that a system that could maintain temperature control, did not use an open flame, and would retain moisture in the concrete would save them fuel and labor costs.

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  • ground thawing solutions

    Powerblanket’s Ground Thawing Blankets were essential in saving the Hailey Cemetery time and money during the Idaho Winter of 2017. Wayne Burke, maintenance supervisor for the cemetery, said that winter was colder and less wet than years previous, causing the soil to freeze much deeper than normal.

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Tote & Bulk Material Warmers

  • Yale Cordage tote heaters solution

    In searching for a solution to house chemicals at a temperature above ambient, Yale Cordage searched the internet for a solution. This is how Yale Cordage found the Powerblanket Tote Heater.

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Propane & Gas Cylinder Warmers

  • enduraplas agriculture solutions

    Many of Enduraplas’ operations requires the use of propane stored in propane tanks that require regulated temperatures to maintain optimal pressure. Despite the technology they had behind their manufacturing process, their propane tanks were still losing pressure in cold weather, and they needed a solution.

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  • custom railroad solutions

    BNSF, a major US railway company, experienced mid-winter propane problems along their railways in eastern Wyoming. The company operates a number of propane powered generators. Unfortunately, with incredibly low wintertime temperatures, it was hard for the propane to vaporize and effectively power the generators. The problem tanks controlled a switch on the line and with decreased pressure, the switch was not operating properly.

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CUSTOM solutions

  • cold weather frac tank solutions

    URS Corporation implemented a new solution to keep ground water collected in frac tanks from freezing at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. Located in Niskayuna, NY, the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) is dedicated to the support of the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. KAPL was developed after World War II in 1946 under a contract between General Electric and the United States government.

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  • whites equipment rental custom tank heating

    White’s Equipment Rental LLC faced a dilemma. They use catch tanks to capture fluids, and the chilly Marcellus winters were causing problems for these tanks. When Buck Binder, VP of Production and R&D Lead, realized the weather could cost the business thousands of dollars, he turned to Powerblanket for a custom solution.

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  • cold weather custom heating solutions

    An energy company faced the possibility of losing over $8,000 of profit in a single day. At one location, it had the potential to fill 103 barrels of oil daily, at a profit of $80 per barrel. If they did not plan properly for the cold weather they risked slowing their production or completely shutting down. Why? Something as simple as a frozen wellhead pressure transmitter.

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  • custom controller solutions

    In the process of building a sophisticated aircraft, a company realized they needed a temperature control solution. The pieces to be cured were too larger to put in an autoclave, an irregular shape, and this particular curing process had extremely tight heating tolerances --no more than a few degrees wiggle room. They needed a solution to get even precise heating and that would resolve their concerns about burning the expensive materials and not curing them properly.

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  • valve/acuator freeze protection

    Valve/Actuators were freezing up and shutting down operations on a large energy pipeline. With such a large service area, this pipeline needed efficiency without pause. They recognized that they needed a solution custom designed to their system that would ensure consistent operations even in the coldest conditions.

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  • gold coast yachts epoxy curing dillema

    Gold Coast Yachts manufactures high-end, carbon-fiber watercraft. In June 2014 President Richard A. Difede grew increasingly concerned about the cost and time it took for their post-curing of large carbon-fiber joints on the yachts. The epoxy joints needed to cure at 145° F for an extended period of time, and the procedure Gold Coast used took too much time and money.

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  • mcada cold weather tank solutions

    McAda is known for its reliability and problem-solving skills. With heating solutions like McAda’s in place, an oil company can keep its frac operations functional and efficient year round. Even with a state of the art fleet, a solid knowledge of geology and the logistics required at tight oil unconventional projects, winter weather posed a significant challenge to productivity and efficiency for the company’s propane heating system.

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