PowerPro Industrial Immersion Heaters by Powerblanket

Whether it’s a small stream of high purity gas or a 500,000-gallon tank, Powerblanket PowerPro immersion heaters offer a wide variety of process heating solutions to deliver safe, evenly distributed heat to your temperature sensitive fluids.

Replace your old or damaged immersion heaters with the highest quality heaters, No matter the existing brand. We offer a huge selection of high quality heaters for your processes. From Flanged Heaters to Circulation Heaters, our superior immersion heaters reduce costs and hassle by optimizing your process temperatures and increasing effeciency. No matter the application, Powerblanket can design a made-to-order immersion heater for you.

Protect your product and optimize your processes today with PowerPro immersion and circulation heaters

Immersion Heaters

Maintain Ideal Temperature

Keep your liquid product at safe, workable temperatures for your critical processes.

Preserve Temperature Sensitive Materials

Safely heat and protect a wide variety of liquids and other products.

Easy Process & Installation

We make it Quick and Easy to Replace Your Damaged or Aging Immersion Heaters. We’ll work with your preferred contractors to get the right solution installed.

Safety Certified

Avoid potential safety and fire risks by using UL/CSA certified dependable heating devices.

Get Peace of Mind

Get Peace of Mind with PowerPro Replacement Immersion Heaters. We’ll even store them for you and get them to you within 24 hours when you need them!

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  • Flanged Immersion Heaters

    Ideal for industrial process heating, flanged immersion heaters offer electric heating elements welded to a flange (sized up to 50” NPS), which is then attached to a mating flange. For attachment, B7 studs with 2H nuts through ANSI flange connections are used to secure the heater to its mating flange. Immersion heating is100% efficient, every ounce of power applied, is converted to heat. Tubular elements can reach temperatures up to 1200°F. 100% of the energy added to the heating process is transferred to the process. Flanged immersion heaters offer longevity and simplicity to your immersion heating needs. PowerPro can help you find the best fitting flanged immersion heater to solve your heating needs.

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  • Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

    Screw plug heaters consist of hairpin shaped tubular electric elements welded to a threaded screw (1” NPT up to 2.5” NPT) and placed directly through the tank wall or pipe coupling for heating. Screw plug immersion heaters are ideal small tanks requiring more precise and focused heating. PowerPro screw plug heaters offer complete control by supplying even heat to your valuable water, oil, or other liquid chemicals. Screw plug sizes range from ½” to 2 ½” and in varying watt densities to fit an array of applications.

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  • Circulation Heaters

    Circulation heaters optimize the benefits of screw plug and flanged immersion heaters and combine them with a pressurized pipe body or vessel, giving you a straightforward solution to your inline flowing process needs. This process allows liquid, gas, or other chemical to flow through the heater vessel, effectively transferring heat from the tubular elements to your product. Powerpro will work with you to understand your needs and create a made-to-fit heating and solution.

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  • Over-the Side Heaters

    Over-the-side immersion heaters provide solutions for freeze protection, water storage, maintenance of wax or viscous fluids, and other thermal heating applications. These units can be easily mounted through the top of a tank or vessel. Contact us for a made-to-order heater shaped to perfectly fit your tank dimensions.

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  • Control Panels

    PowerPro understands that control is the most vital part of process heating. We offer a variety of innovative temperature control systems that will enhance your process performance while notifying your enterprise control systems of all process and alarm conditions.

  • Electric Storage Tank Heaters

    Your large tanks are vital to your processes. Materials contained within them represent income to both you and your company. Utilizing the most effective method to heat or keep these tanks warm is key to the success of your operation.


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