PowerPro Electric Storage Tank Heaters by Powerblanket

Your large tanks are vital to your processes. Materials contained within them represent income to both you and your company. Utilizing the most effective method to heat or keep these tanks warm is key to the success of your operation. PowerPro Large Tank Immersion Heaters are here to help. With ANSI flange sizes ranging up to 36” (larger sizes can be custom-made if needed) and wattages in excess of 500kw (up to 600 V 3 phase), we can keep your product at the right temperature.

Steam coils, flanged immersion heaters and fire tubes all require tanks to be drained when replacing or performing maintenance on the tank’s heating system. With PowerPro, no tank drain is required.

PowerPro large tank immersion heaters are made from rugged ANSI flanges and schedule 40 carbon or stainless steel pipe. Once the tank heaters are installed, you have a heated well. When it comes time to replace the heater, you only need to remove the terminal box and pull the heated core element out.

We specialize in replacing your old, inefficient, or damaged storage tank heaters with the highest quality heaters, no matter the existing brand. Replace your old storage tank heaters with PowerPro heaters to optimize your process temperatures and increase efficiency. Call us today to get started.

Maintain Ideal Temperature

Keep your liquid product at safe, workable temperatures for your critical processes.

Preserve Temperature Sensitive Materials

Safely heat and protect a wide variety of liquids and other products.

Easy Process & Installation

We make it quick and easy to replace your damaged or aging Tank Heaters. Our Large Tank Heaters feature removable elements that don't require you to drain your tank. We'll also work closely with your maintenance crew to get the right solution installed.

Safety Certified

Every PowerPro heater is certified to UL/CSA standards and rated for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas. They can also be built to work in Class 1 Division 1 environments, ensuring you meet regulatory requirements and maintain workplace safety standards

Get Peace of Mind

Get Peace of Mind with PowerPro Replacement Electric Storage Tank Heaters. We’ll even store them for you and get them to you within 24 hours when you need them!

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How Long Have Your Large Tank Immersion Heaters Been on the Job?

Your Large Tank Immersion heaters degrade over time. In fact, within 5 years, your heaters have lost around 30% of their heating capacity. If you've neglected ongoing maintenance, your heaters could be worse off - or even close to failure.

Replacing large tank immersion heaters in existing applications is our specialty. PowerPro electric storage tank heaters offer a straightforward solution for your processes. We will work with you to understand your needs and create a made-to-fit heating solution to replace your old heaters. Contact us today for a large tank heater that perfectly fits your needs.