Powerblanket has developed advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) systems that give you the ability to continuously monitor the temperature of Powerblanket products and control them based upon custom programming.

Powerblanket PLC systems are scalable, so there is no upper limit to the number of temperatures or blankets that can be monitored and switched, and any heating blanket can be switched based on various temperatures (inside blankets, surface of blankets, surface of product being heated, etc.).

Powerblanket PLC standout features:

  • Systems can be setup for remote monitoring or control
  • Log Data for record keeping or analysis: temperature, relay state (blanket on or off ), current, voltage, etc.
  • Alarms can be triggered when conditions are met (power failure, temperature outside of specified limits, etc.)
  • Ability to Ramp up to a temperature at a specified rate or dwell at a specified temperature and then switch off after a dwell period

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