August Power Manufacturing Award Winner

Hammerton dominated August’s Power Manufacturing Award, beating out the other nominee to stand as this month’s Power Manufacturer. 

Hammerton LightingBased in Salt Lake City, Hammerton creates intricate, stunning light fixtures that must meet the high standard set by company founder and lighting legend Levi Wilson. The company was nominated by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce for standing out as an innovative manufacturing business. Joel Head, Creative Marketing Manager for Hammerton, says there’s a reason for that. 

“It’s all about innovation,” Head said. “We stay close to our customers and quickly translate market insights into new lighting designs.”

In addition to valuing and implementing customer feedback, Hammerton has sought ways to become a lean manufacturer. 

“All our operations are under one roof, which allows us to move fast in developing new designs and the capabilities required to bring them to life,” Head told Powerblanket. “For example, we brought all our hot glass operations in-house just three years ago, and today we fabricate well over a ton of blown and cast glass weekly.”

All Power Manufacturers display success in the face of adversity. Hammerton does this on a daily basis as it strives to meet the vision of every client. 

“Our operations involve a tremendous level of complexity, so scale is very hard to achieve,” Head said. “But we’ve succeeded in growing the business several fold in the last decade alone. And we’re still growing.”

Congratulations to Hammerton for being this month’s Power Manufacturing Award winner! We at Powerblanket look forward to sending Hammerton their award certificate and trophy. Hammerton is also in the running for the 2019 Power Manufacturer of the Year. 

Wish your company was a Power Manufacturer? Nominate it by contacting Power Manufacturing Campaign Manager Adam Jacobs at [email protected].

Power Manufacturing Award

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