What is the Best Way to Heat My Spray Foam?

What is the Best Way to Heat My Spray Foam?

What is the best way to heat spray foamAre you one of the thousands of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) contractors struggling to keep your SPF at the right temperature during the winter season? Are you tired of fighting a never-ending battle of cold spray foam that doesn’t flow properly, hot and cold spots within your drum, or overheating and frothing SPF?

Spray foam and the equipment used to apply it operate best at a specific temperature threshold.  Extremes on either end of the thermometer can cause problems and lead to product waste. Our goal is to help you know what to do to optimize your yield, make sure you choose the right product, and help it go as far as possible.

Band Heaters Are Not Effective

Band heaters are a go to heating solution for many in the spray foam business.  While band heaters provide extremely high wattage, this power is only directed at a small portion of the container, producing inconsistent, disproportionate heating. The unpredictable turn-dial thermostats also lead to faulty temperature control and over-heated, wasted product. This is no way to operate an efficient business and surely not going to provide a quality foam installation project that you want to stamp your name on.  You do not need to “make it work” with band heaters anymore.  The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, a collective voice, along with the educational and technical resource, for the spray polyurethane foam industry, offers this advice, “Avoid use of band-type heaters or other high heat flux heaters.” 

Heat the Surface and the Foam

Surface Temperatures

If the application surface is too cold, the foam will not bond and pull away from the surface or it will not rise because the cold reduces curing heat.

  • Use bullet heaters, salamanders, or space heaters to ensure that ambient conditions stay between 60-80°F. Pay attention to the actual temperature of the surface and not just the area. Surfaces take longer to warm than the area right around the space heater.  Always provide proper ventilation when using space heaters.  Safety for you and your employees is of utmost importance.
  • Use a very thin flash coat of the foam to heat up the surface. The cure creates heat, and you can harness this chemical reaction to warm the surface you’re spraying.

Foam Temperatures

If the chemicals in the tanks are too cold, you cannot achieve the 1 to 1 mix.  Ideally, the tank and contents should be between 65-85°F.

  • Bring/store the tanks indoors and keep them inside your home or a well heated area for 24-48 hours. This step alone saves time.
  • Some contractors use warm water baths to raise tank temperatures.  This requires shaking to distribute heat and it’s hard to know when the materials are actually at appropriate temperatures because the steel tank will heat up before the chemicals within reach ideal temperatures.
  • Wrap the tank in a full-wrap heating blanket with temperature control for even heat distribution.  If you have this option, there is no need to shake, stir, or hope for the best.

The Powerblanket Spray Foam Solution

Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to temperature sensitive materials. The revolutionary design of Powerblanket foam box heaters and barrel heaters provides uniform heat to spray foam systems, eliminating any hot and cold spots. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly, spray foam systems will last longer and be more effective. In turn, this saves time, hassle, and money.

  • Quickly heat materials
  • Insulated full-wrap design
  • Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive spray foam products
  • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
  • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
  • ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards

Safe and Efficient

Powerblanket is the industry leader in industrial and process heating solutions.  Powerblankets are the safest, most efficient way to provide uniform, consistent heat to your spray foam containers with very low power consumption.   The insulated full wrap design heats the container while remaining cool enough on the outside to handle and move around the job.  Evading the problems that temperature can cause with spray foam is vital for your business. Powerblanket spray foam heaters cover the entire spray foam cylinder and prevent heat from leaking out, allowing you to keep running your business through the cold winter months. Avoiding product waste caused by temperature issues can lead to a much higher yield and better business.  Learn more about Powerblanket spray foam heater solutions here.

Keep your business running smoothly through the cold winter months with Powerblanket spray foam heaters.


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