Calgary, Alberta: A Mecca for the Oil and Gas Sector


When you stop to think of the world’s biggest capitals for the oil and gas sector, does Calgary come to mind at all? Well, if it doesn’t, it should now. Read on to see why so many are looking to Calgary as a Mecca for the oil and gas industry and why it’s always been the rightful place for the Global Petroleum Show.


Calgary, Alberta

Canada’s Impressive Contributor

What makes Calgary such an energy hub? Perhaps it’s merely a matter of location. Canada is the third largest global contributor to the world’s oil and natural gas stores. The only two countries ahead of our northern neighbor are Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. What’s more, Alberta (the province in which Calgary resides) produces almost 70 percent of Canada’s crude oil. (On a side note, it also produces almost 80 percent of Canada’s natural gas.)

Due to Alberta’s heavy influence in the oil and gas sector, it should come as no surprise that for more than two decades it has been the spotlight for the world’s biggest expo for the petroleum industry. The Global Petroleum Show, now running as an annual event, attracts the world biggest manufacturers, operators, servicing companies, and engineering firms from around the world. Hundreds of industry-leading contributors gather from over 100 countries to the capital city of Alberta each year in order to network, showcase, and improve upon industry trends and practices.

Thanks to its considerable clot in global energy, Calgary, Alberta has brought to itself some of the most influential institutions and businesses involved in sustainable energy. Of all the places in Canada, there is no other city with such a concentration of engineers and engineering organizations associated with industry-relevant technologies and applications. Now, with the 2015 edition of The Global Petroleum Show only a week away, Calgary is about to be under a high concentration of petroleum-sector limelight. Organizers anticipate that this year’s show will be the biggest yet, and with Calgary as its perpetual headquarters, the show will have a demonstrative influence for many years to come.

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