Cooling Solutions for Fermentation

Do you deal in the world of fermentation? If so, then you know how important it is to maintain the ideal temperature of your liquids. And with warmer weather already here, and with even hotter weather on horizon, you’ll need reliable cooling solutions for fermentation in place.


Powerblanket Ice Cooling ProductsPowerblanket® ICE: Cooling Solutions for Fermentation

With Powerblanket ICE, you can keep liquids cool, even under extremely hot conditions or during exothermic reactions, like fermentation. For years now, Powerblanket has provided numerous industries with innovative heating solutions through our line of ready-to-ship and custom applications (and if you need heating solutions for fermentation, we have those too).

Now, we offer innovative cooling systems alongside our revolutionary heat-transfer technology. And with the summer months approaching, cooling becomes a prime focus. With Powerblanket ICE cooling blankets, you can efficiently and economically regulate temperature-sensitive liquids, even when the temperatures are 100 °F or more.

Powerblanket ICE works by pulling heat away from the container in order to cool the contents inside. With three performance levels available, you can pick the solution that’s right for your budget and needs. Powerblanket ICE products are the perfect cooling solutions for fermentation.


Features of Powerblanket ICE:

  • Powerblanket ICE uses Powerblanket patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat away from the container and cool the contents.
  • Powerblanket ICE covers and insulates with the same robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products.
  • Ice box, ice pack and chiller-driven systems are portable (120VAC required for ice box and chiller systems).
  • Blankets can be left installed and running during routine procedures.



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