Conventional Insulated Concrete Blankets versus Electric Concrete Blankets


Conventional Insulated Concrete BlanketsElectric Concrete Blankets VS Conventional Insulated Concrete Blankets

If you read almost any do-it-yourself guide, you’ll see a sentence like, “If temperatures are below 40°F, use insulated concrete blankets or straw to keep your freshly-poured concrete from freezing.”

That sounds good, but simply keeping the concrete from freezing isn’t enough. In addition, no amount of blankets or straw will thaw frozen ground – and pouring concrete on frozen ground can have serious repercussions.

The chemical reaction of concrete formation does create heat. This heat can be trapped (to some degree) with the use of insulating blankets or straw. But if it’s cold enough outside, insulating concrete blankets won’t keep the temperature at an ideal level for maximum curing efficiency. No insulating blanket will keep concrete at a temperature between 65 – 85°F, the optimum range for proper concrete curing – thus the need for an electric Powerblanket®.


Concrete Blankets

The colder the temperature the concrete is exposed to, the longer it will take to set and the longer it will take to reach its proper strength. For example, concrete maintained at 70°F will set in approximately 6 hours; concrete maintained at 40°F will take 14 hours to set. Concrete maintained at 70°F will reach a compressive strength rating of 2,700 psi in three days; concrete maintained at 40°F will only reach a strength rating of 1,200 psi in three days. That strength difference makes a huge difference in whether your construction project can proceed – if the concrete takes too long to set, cure, and reach proper compressive strength rating, your project can be significantly delayed.

The difference in conventional insulating concrete blankets and Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets is significant.

Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets can be used for ground thawing before placing concrete. Once the concrete is placed, Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets maintain the concrete at the temperature you need. In effect, Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets allow you to cure the concrete as if it’s a spring day, even if you’re working in an extremely cold climate zone. By using Powerblanket® concrete curing blankets for ground thawing, and using Powerblanket® to maintain an ideal concrete temperature, you virtually eliminate costly weather delays, ensuring the project proceeds on schedule – and that your concrete will be long-lasting and durable.


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  1. Our MD (Concrete Curing Blankets) are pre-set and have internal thermostats in them that regulate them set at 100°F (±10°F) and ensure that they do not get hot enough to overheat the curing concrete. They help maintain the moisture content and prevent the concrete from becoming brittle and or cracking. They are designed to lay over the concrete, plug in, and then walk away. They also have a 6″ parameter of vinyl and grommets to stake them down and ensure they stay in place.

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