Find Out How Much Money You’re Losing to Heating Problems


Whether you’re in the business of petroleum, wind power, wax, chemicals, construction, railroad, epoxy, spray foam, or some other industry where heating problems are present and freeze protection is a must, you know how much it can cost you if you don’t have the proper solution in place…or do you?

Pipes outdoors in Winter

Heating Costs vs. Heating Problems

Powerblanket® heating products serve a wide variety of industries, and when it comes to the heating problems associated with each, the costs and risks are as varied as the applications themselves. With this in mind, determining how much you might be losing to heating problems becomes a very specific endeavor. Nonetheless, regardless of your industry or heating needs, remember that preventing a problem is always cheaper than attempting to resolve a problem that’s already occurred.

To help illustrate this point, here are some examples of questions you might ask yourself if you’re in the respective industries listed below. If you’re not, then you can imagine what similar questions you might ask for your particular scenario.


Oil and Gas Piping

  • If my valves, manifolds, or other instruments freeze, do they become dysfunctional?
  • How much would it cost me to repair a frozen valve, manifold, or other instrument?
  • Are there other assets that could be damaged by a malfunctioning valve or other component?
  • How much would additional damages cost me?
  • Would these potential failures cause significant downtime?
  • How much would it cost me in downtime?


Frozen Sidewalk


  • How much time could I save if my concrete could cure faster and more efficiently?
  • What would be the monetary value of the time I save?
  • How much could it cost to replace concrete that doesn’t cure properly during colder weather?
  • How much downtime would this represent?
  • How much would that downtime cost me?


Spray Foam

  • How much more business could I gain if I could keep my spray foam operational during cold weather?
  • What are the costs associated with spray foam that has been damaged by the cold?
  • Could this translate into costly downtime, lost business, and failed business continuity? If so, what how much could it cost me?


Workers Spraying Foam Insulation

The Solution

From examples such as these, you can see that there is a lot at stake when you consider the adverse effects of cold weather. This is why heating solutions and freeze protection for such industries have been around for a while now. However, traditional forms of heating and freeze protection, while still better than risking the value of your materials and time, have often been a bit expensive—or else ineffective.

Powerblanket®, on the other hand, offers economical, effective, and easy to use heating products that can keep anything safe from the debilitating effects of winter. With Powerblanket®, you can rest assured that your investment in our products is well worth the cost-saving results you gain from it. After all, none of your valuable assets should be left out in the cold. Cover your bases with Powerblanket®


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