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Are your plastic water tanks freezing? If you store temperature-sensitive material in IBCs (aka totes) during the cold winter months, then you know that keeping your storage at the proper temperature is impossible without a heating element.


Tote Heaters

Best Case Scenario

When you go in search of heating solutions for your totes, you’ll likely come across answers such as electric or steam-heated drum and tote ovens. While this solution solves the question of temperature very well, there is a catch—in fact there’s two. First off, an oven is a little on the pricy side, and secondly, you can only store so many totes or drums in it.

Then again, when it comes to protecting your precious material, perhaps prices isn’t much of a factor. Whatever you’re storing is valuable to your business, and therefore, warrants the cost needed to protect it against the cold. But really, who wouldn’t spend less if they could for a product that does the same job as an oven. Leave the oven for baking. There’s a better option.


IBC : Tote Heaters

Blanket Heaters

Instead of storing your drums or totes in massive ovens that cost a considerable amount of money and take up a good deal of space, you can simply wrap each tote or drum in a heating blanket. Heating blankets allow for the same temperature control that an oven provides but at a fraction of the cost. With simple electrical plugins and easy installation, it takes very little time to make use of this economical and efficient solution.

Heating blankets (in this case—tote heaters) come in many different sizes for many different applications, but the best kind are those that are customized to the shape of your specific container. At Powerblanket, we customized such solutions for a myriad of applications and purposes. If you can build it, produce it, or store it, Powerblanket can cover it—literally.

Find out more about tote and DEF heaters by downloading the spec sheet!



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