Winterizing Vehicles And Equipment That Use Hydraulic Oil

Powerblanket heated drum wrap with diagramWhat are the best solutions to prevent hydraulic oil from thickening or freezing?

There are a few ways of winterizing vehicles and preventing hydraulic oil from thickening or freezing, however some methods are more effective and safer than others. There are a few things to consider when determining the most effective method:

  1. How safe is the solution?
  2. How much time is required to monitor the heating source?
  3. How much power and energy is consumed with the heating solution?

wiHydraulic oil is an essential component to your equipment. Optimal functionality is dependent on the oil maintaining temperatures within a specific range depending on the type of oil your vehicle and equipment may use. Cold or freezing temperatures can alter the functionality of hydraulic oil and when this happens you run the risk of damaging your expensive equipment.

Heating hydraulic oil to maintain optimal temperatures is a great solution. A custom heating blanket by Powerblanket is the best way to maintain viscosity in your hydraulic fluid. Heating blankets can be designed to perfectly align the size and temperature with the needs or your equipment. Heating blankets maintain consistent temperatures, provide insulation and are removable and flexible for storage during warmer months.

The top five reasons to use a heating blanket vs. the alternative:

  1. Safe and effective heat
  2. Highly customizable
  3. Maintains optimal temperatures
  4. No need for monitoring
  5. Insulated blankets use less energy

Heating blankets by Powerblanket are powered by Greenheat patented Technology which has revolutionized effective and even heat spreading.

With several options available for heating hydraulic oil, finding the right solution for your equipment is essential. Blanket heaters by Powerblanket are a great solution for your hydraulic oil needs.

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