Keeping You in Business

Powerblanket® solves your heating problems. Our patented GreenHeat technology eliminates worry and saves time by allowing you to adjust and maintain the ideal temperature for your product.

Our products are excellent for curing concrete, thawing frozen pipes, and keeping what you need at the temperature you need it.  Need custom work? Powerblanket can make a product specifically for your heating needs in as little as 14 business days.

Business owners and homeowners alike have benefitted from using Powerblanket products in a wide variety of conditions for numerous purposes.

Erik Kramer, CEO of Kramer & Son Roofing and Sheet Metal used Powerblanket products to make his business more profitable:

We rely on the Powerblanket products to keep our company and men working…Before using them we had no choice but to shut the jobs down for months. As you can image, this affects all aspects of our business. The Powerblanket flat blankets allow us to keep our operation up and running year round….

Don’t let your productivity or convenience be limited by seasonal weather. Let Powerblanket help you control your surroundings.



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