Mobile Transport and DEF Protection

If you’re transporting large quantities of product, then you know what problems cold weather can pose to your operations. Aside from your products themselves, you have your fleet to worry about too. If you’re running diesel trucks, then cold weather can pose a major obstacle to your DEF storage, and ensuring proper DEF protection becomes imperative.


DEF gallon jug

DEF in the Cold

When it comes to storing DEF, you have to make sure it doesn’t freeze. This goes without saying, of course. But ask yourself this question: is my current solution for DEF storage adequate, inexpensive, and easy to use? If not, then there’s room for improvement, right? And if your DEF storage procedures are not taking freeze control into account, then you could be putting a very valuable asset at risk.

DEF does have a pretty low freezing point, 12° F to be precise. And while this excludes a lot of regions in the US (and around the world for that matter) as being danger zones for dysfunctional DEF, there are still plenty of regions that need to concern themselves with adequate DEF protection, such as the whole country of Canada, for example.


DEF Tote container

What’s the Solution?

Unless you’re storing your DEF inside, you’re going to need to employ some form of temperature regulation to keep your DEF storage within a safe and workable range. Here are some matters to consider when looking for such a solution:

  • Find a solution that is inexpensive enough to apply to a wide range of storage units at multiple sites
  • Find a solution that is easily applied and removed
  • Find a solution that maintains easy accessibility to the storage unit and is customizable
  • Find a solution that will not only heat your DEF during cold weather, but can also maintain the proper temperature range to avoid overheating


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