Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories


Have you ever noticed these strange marks branded on your electronics devices, the marks pictured below that is? If you have, have you ever wondered what they mean? Well, they happen to be the insignias of the three most notable Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Certification testing logos


NRTLs is simply a shorter way to say Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. And of those that exist, the three major NRTLs are UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ETL (once ETL Labs –Electrical Testing Laboratories—now the mark of Intertek), and CSA (Canada Standards Association).

All three of these marks represent an independent and globally recognized laboratory dedicated to the safety of technologies. The common thread all these laboratories have is that they test and help regulate the safe implementation of electrical technologies. From computers to the electronics in vehicles, there laboratories have a hand in it all. In fact, if you’re reading this on a mobile device or a laptop, take a second to look underneath the keyboard or on your tablet or phone and see if you can find one of these insignias somewhere embedded in the plastic. Likely case is that you’ll see one of them, if you’re using a reputable product manufactured in the US or Canada, that is.

UL, ETL, and CSA help to ensure that the product in your hands is safe and efficient. In order to land one of these certifications, manufacturers undergo rigorous measures to meet the guidelines of safety and quality set by these laboratories. Some companies and manufacturers choose to work outside of their guidelines, but if they do, they can’t ensure that they are offering their customers a safe and reliable product.

This is why it’s important for consumers to understand the value of a product that harbors one of these stamps of approval. Any product with a UL, ETL, or CSA stamp means that it has undergone the nationally and globally-recognized standards for health, safety, and environmental concerns.  Any electrical product you buy or operate should have one of these marks on it.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories

Powerblanket and Intertek (ETL)

We here at Powerblanket® fully back the efforts of these laboratories and work specifically with Intertek to ensure safety and efficiency in our technology. Powerblanket chooses to work with Intertek because of the compliance they offer for products sold and manufactured in both the US and Canada. (If you look at the logo, the “C” stands for Canada, and the “US” stands for United States). That’s why Powerblanket works through all the qualifications necessary to brand all our products with the ETL mark of approval. Powerblanket engineers know what it takes to make Powerblanket heating solutions both efficient and entirely safe.

Thanks to organizations like Intertek and the others, manufacturers are held accountable for the safety they either do or don’t offer in their products. Powerblanket has always had safety as the primary concern in the production of our standard and custom heating solutions. In other words, Powerblanket offers the safest and most efficient heating blankets on the market.

So from all of us here at Powerblanket, here’s to organizations like Intertek that keep us all a little safer.



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