Pipeline Packaging: A Powerblanket Partner

You’ll find heavy-hitting distributors like Pipeline Packaging are at the top of Powerblanket’s asset list. When it comes to getting our products to the people who really need them, companies like these are worth recognizing.

Pipeline Packaging: A Powerblanket Product Provider

A frontrunner in commercial and industrial packaging, Pipeline Packaging pushes everything from eye droppers to giant totes. Servicing an enormous range of industries, including HAZMAT, spill containment, health, beauty, food & beverage, paint, automotive, janitorial, pet and veterinarian, Pipeline has newly expanded their product line to Powerblanket heating and cooling solutions.

“We’re thrilled to expand our offering to include Powerblanket products,” says Tim Winings, VP of Marketing and Sales at Pipeline. “Our footprint inside the industrial and food markets makes this arrangement exciting for both companies.” Powerblanket affirms the sentiment.


Founded in 1988, Pipeline has spread to 8 states and 10 offices, and over $100M in sales. With their people-centric vision they always consider “Customer First.” Servicing countless businesses in the United States, Powerblanket is excited to work in tandem with Pipeline Packaging. With its reputable history, reach, service, and variety, Pipeline Packaging is an invaluable partner for Powerblanket heating solutions to both of our customer bases throughout the country.

Powerblanket Heating Solutions at Pipeline Packaging Include:

  • Bucket Heaters
  • Tote Heaters
  • Barrel/Drum Heaters
  • Bulk Material Warmers
  • Cooling Solutions

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