Top Home Trend: Polyurethane Spray Foam and The Plan Collection

More and more people are turning to high-efficiency spray-foam insulation for new home construction and remodels. In fact, even The Plan Collection’s Top Home Trends in 2015 included the use of spray foam for insulation in their 2015 New American Home (showcased at the NAHB and constructed in conjunction with IBS).The Plan Collection Uses Polyurethane Spray Foam as Top Home Trend

The Plan Collection

As an industry leader who prides themselves in keeping up on current trends and industry innovations, The Plan Collection’s use of spray foam in their contemporary home plans confirms that the technology has clearly risen to the top in available insulation options.

Polyurethane spray foam has thermal-resistance qualities that meet even the most stringent building codes. And let’s not forget, it is incredibly adhesive and works well with numerous surfaces and varying temperature and humidity levels. It’s versatility speaks for itself. We can see why contractors everywhere are now ordering large numbers of this popular product.

Solutions for Spray Foam Issues

Though spray foam is simply superior to other forms of insulation, its widespread use introduces some challenges. Contractors must attempt to meet the necessary storage requirements for this temperature-sensitive product. While spray foam is very durable once dry, in a liquid form, it must be stored within certain temperature parameters. This is why Powerblanket® provides spray foam heaters to keep spray foam storage containers at optimal temperatures. Even through cold, harsh winter months and unpredictable spring-weather conditions you can use your product with top notch efficiency.

Powerblanket Tote Heaters for Spray Foam

The simple fact is this: spray foam does not work in cold temperatures, and this could cause significant downtime and missed opportunities. If you’re going to maintain continuity for your spray-foam business throughout the year, then you’re going to need a solution that keeps your spray foam from malfunctioning during colder temperatures.

powerblanket spray foam heaterSome have tried inadequate approaches to this dilemma in the past through the use of band heaters, but it just ended up burning the product and caused the foam to flake off—clogging up equipment, pumps and hoses. This is due to the fact that band heaters produce uneven heat distribution and are equipped with unreliable thermostats. They can also cause inconsistencies in the application. When locally, over-heated foam reacts and expands in the tank, barrel, or cylinder, it creates defective product, which in turn slows the flow rate and only increases your downtime.

Spray Foam Solution Necessities:

For the proper spray foam heating solution, you’ll need the following:

  • A unit that contains the spray-foam kit boxes or the spray-foam cylinders.
  • A unit that can evenly heat the spray foam from all sides for consistent performance.
  • A well-insulated unit to keep the heat from leaking out.
  • A product with safety certifications, including a UL listing (in the U.S.) and CSA listing (in Canada).

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