The Powerblanket Idea Board For Heating Solutions

Can you imagine a company that is always looking for revolutionary ideas to better serve their customers? Well, so can we. That’s why we have the Powerblanket suggestion forum for. We value our customers’ feedback, and who knows, yours may produce the beginnings of a new Powerblanket product, offering heating solutions for your specific need.


The Powerblanket Idea Board For Heating Solutions

Your Ideas For Our Business

Powerblanket works to achieve heating solutions that serve the needs of multiple industries. We know there are problems yet to be solved by our patented heating products, and that’s why we work with our customers to serve all their heating needs. So, if you can think of something that Powerblanket should do that we currently don’t do, please let us know.

Your ideas are taken to heart by us. And we would love to hear about the heating problems you’re having so that we can help you solve them. With that said, there are certainly multiple ways to get in touch with us to let us know about your ideas. Talking to your Powerblanket sales rep is one great way. Sending us an email is another. But did you know that you could post your idea on our suggestion forum and have others vote for it?

Here’s how it works. Go to, navigate to the “About Us” tab, choose the link to “Idea Board”, and offer your suggestion in the window. Yes, it’s really that simple. In fact, to make it even simpler, you can just click on the action tab below, and it will take you right to the page. Once your idea is on the idea board, others can second your suggestions and add their own voice to your same dilemma or proposal. You can rest assured we take this forum very seriously, and we use it as a way to keep our valued customers a part of the generation and progression of our products. So, let us know what you think, and help us bring the heat to your problem.



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