Powerblanket Multi-Duty and Extra Hot Blankets


Powerblanket® flat blankets cure concrete in cold weather conditions

SALT LAKE CITY – Powerblanket®, provider of superior heat-spreading technology through the use of a patented GreenHeat® Technology, has a solution for cold-weather concrete problems with their flat blankets.

“We’ve developed two types of blankets to solve cold-weather concrete-curing needs,” said Bruce Starley, Director of Manufacturing.” One type, the Multi-Duty flat blanket is for curing the concrete, and our Extra Hot flat blankets are designed for heating and thawing needs.”

The Powerblanket® Multi-Duty and Extra Hot flat blankets are available in sizes from 2’x2′ to 11’x23′ with varying sizes in between. The blankets are also available in 12V and 110V options with certain models allowing for both capabilities on the same unit; this is done to ensure a perfect fit for every customer’s needs.

Massman Construction commented on their experience with Powerblanket® Multi-Duty and Extra Hot flat blankets when project manager Dale Helming said, “We didn’t have the time to wait out the winter for the temperatures to become more moderate. The Powerblanket® heating blankets certainly played an important role in keeping us on schedule and not having to postpone the pour on an important Kansas City bridge.”

Powerblanket® provides superior heating solutions for a multitude of applications, including industrial and manufacturing temperature control, ground thawing, concrete curing, oil-field services and many more. For more information, contact Powerblanket®, call 877.398.7407 in the U.S. or 403.262.5770 in Canada, send an e-mail to [email protected], or visit the company’s website at powerblanket.com.

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