Powerblanket Revolutionizes Cold Weather Pre-Cast Production

Increases Daily Form Pour Rates and Turnaround Time for Pre-Pre-Cast Concretecast Concrete Without Expensive Additives

Back in the Day

In 2006 Powerblanket completed a series of tests by NPCA members.  Tests conducted by O–Well Precast using Powerblanket concrete curing blankets showed PSI increases of between 77 percent and 135 percent over 2″ foam curing blankets.

At this time Powerblanket’s President said, “We are delighted by the results.  Every pre–cast manufacturer who used our curing blankets reported earlier breaks with no cracking or defects. As a result they’re able to ship earlier, use less additives, and shut off expensive steam or boiler heaters. All of our customers have been able to increase production for an operating cost of approximately $1.00 per day – without buying additional molds or using additives.”

Initially offered for use by on–site contractors, Powerblanket technology spread to the pre–cast industry due to customer demand.  Powerblankets are designed to eliminate weather as a construction variable – this makes it possible to pour and cure concrete in any weather conditions.  These same advantages extend to the pre–cast business: customers now preheat molds, heat their sand, aggregate piles, and steel, and reduce curing times by maintaining optimum temperatures. All have reported increased production turns and reduced costs. Some customers even use their Powerblankets in warm weather since increased and consistent temperature can create the perfect curing conditions.”

Still a Curing Success Story

Powerblankets are waterproof and plug into any 110–volt circuit. Powerblankets are made of heavy–duty reinforced 14.8 ounce vinyl and are lightweight and easy to move and store. As many as four Powerblankets can be plugged together for easy and effective coverage of large areas or surfaces.  Find more information and specs on concrete curing blankets here.

“Pre–cast customers have quickly come to rely on Powerblanket,” said Brent Reddekopp, current Powerblanket President. “They pour up to three times a day using the same form. They turn off their boilers or steam systems and still reach 4,000 to 7,000 PSI overnight. Powerblanket customers achieve all those economic and productive advantages without purchasing additives or accelerants. We’ve made it possible for the pre–cast industry to ship high–quality product on a predictable schedule – all for a lower operating cost.”

The National Precast Concrete Association emphasizes that “green is no longer just a color, it is soon to be a component in the majority of all new commercial construction.”  As the precast concrete industry continues to evolve to ensure products are manufactured in the most responsible manner, Powerblanket will continue to be a production partner.  The simplicity of a Powerblanket concrete curing blankets saves time, energy, and money.

We are happy to introduce you to the electric concrete blanket that is an ideal solution for maintaining optimum pre-cast concrete cure time during cold winter conditions.


Cure your concrete faster and better in cold weather conditions with Powerblanket.


Shelby Thompson

Shelby Thompson is the head of standard product sales for Powerblanket. He has a distinguished military career, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In his time in the Marines, Shelby acquired an impressive skillset that he now uses in his current role. When he's not working, Shelby loves spending time outdoors with his wife, son, and daughter. He is also a semi-keen hunter, fair weather fisherman, and shooter. Unfortunately, Shelby also has something of an unlucky streak when it comes to Fantasy Football at the company.

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