Product Spotlight: Drum Heaters

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What’s the best way to heat large amounts of liquid? What’s the best way to keep large quantities of your product at the ideal temperature? Well, if you’re storing that material in drums, the answer is a simple one, and it’s very cost effective too.


Product Spotlight- Drum Heaters

Outdated Technology for Drum Heaters

Whether it’s chemicals, food product, oil, admixtures, or any other temperature-sensitive substance, storing your product in the typical drum is common but also problematic, problematic if you need to heat what’s inside that is. Perhaps we should be more specific in this statement. The need to heat substances stored in drums is only problematic if you’re using old or traditional approaches to the problem.

Think about the costs associated with employing large ovens to keep your drums at the right temperature. Not only are these ovens costly, cumbersome, and non-mobile, but they also limit how many drums you can store simultaneously. At best, you may have a large oven that keeps three to four drums at their ideal temperature. But what happens if you need to transport those drums while still maintaining the proper temperature range? You can see how limited this approach can be.

Another old and inadequate method of heating drums is the use of band heaters. Band heaters work on the principle of spreading heat through a metal drum as a hot band is attached to it. However, band heaters can’t regulate their own temperature and often end of spreading heat very unevenly, causing hot spots that scorch the product. In addition to this, what happens if you need to heat a high-grade, plastic drum? Well, you can’t use a band heater on that thing. Thankfully, there is a much better option to all your drum heating needs.


Powerblanket Drum Heaters

Powerblanket drum heaters work on an entirely different principle. Powerblanket patented technology wraps the drum in a protective, insulating blanket that heats the drum to a controled, pre-set temperature. This allows for even heat distribution like you’ve never seen. Since the Powerblanket solution spreads heat evenly and with the use of thermostatic controls, you can wrap the drum and leave it be, without any concern for scorching or overheating. Additionally, Powerblanket works with plastic drums as well as steel.

Comparing Powerblanket heaters to the oven option offers a clear advantage too. Powerblanket heaters are mobile and easy to install and remove. What’s more, they offer extreme cost savings when compared to how much you’d be spending on an oven. Think about the space you’d save too.


Featured Highlights:

  • Work with both steel and poly containers
  • Full wrap-around design provides complete insulation and ensures equal heat distribution
  • Delivers safe, uniform heat to expensive materials without overheating or burning
  • Design decreases and prevents product waste among temp-sensitive materials by maintaining consistent storage temperatures without significant fluctuations
  • Highly energy-efficient GreenHeat Technology™ and design lowers energy-related expenses and overall project and equipment costs


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