A Report From The World of Concrete

A Report From The World of Concrete

Good News For the Concrete Industry

The 2015 edition of the World of Concrete (WOC) was apparently the largest and most celebrated in six years. More than 55,000 attendees were present with access to 1,459 exhibitors. Among those exhibitors was Powerblanket and our concrete curing sample. Helping to cure concrete faster and more efficiently is one of our proudest contributions to the construction industry. And to speak of the construction industry as a whole, this year’s WOC was a great illustration of the growth and recovery the industry has experienced lately.

Concrete projects are on the rise for the same reason that so many other projects are. The construction industry has been experiencing a real rebound lately, and when both single-family housing and commercial construction are on the rise, it’s always good news for the concrete industry. The WOC this year brought hundreds of opportunities for industry leaders to network and present cutting-edge technologies fit for a sector experiencing considerable growth and increased opportunity.

The Powerblanket exhibit was a chance for us to collaborate with Structural Service Inc. to showcase the amazing curing capabilities of our concrete curing blankets. A 600 square-foot concrete slab was poured for use in a concrete polishing and repair workshop for the event, but before that slab could be used for such, it had to be fully cured. This is where we had our chance to shine. Under traditional circumstances, concrete cures for a minimum of ten days before it’s ready for polishing. But for the sake of the showcase, Structural Services needed the slab to reach minimal strength requirements within 24 hours. To make a not-so-long story even shorter, Powerblanket concrete curing blankets made it all possible.

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