Rhino Linings Acquires a Spray Foam Company


A little less than a week ago, Rhino Linings reported their acquisition of Arnthane Inc., a manufacturer of spray foam, epoxy, polyurea, and urethane coatings. Now, Rhino linings will be able to better extend its product lines beyond the protective coatings and linings they have produced so well.


Rhino Linings Acquires Arnthane

The Arnthane Addition

Now that Rhino Linings owns Arnthane and all its impressive product lines, the company will be able to increase its offerings in an industry they only began servicing in 2011. Ever since 1988, Rhino Linings has been producing world-class polyurethane, polyaspartic, and epoxy resins. In 2011, Rhino linings established a presence in the spray foam industry. Now in 2015, the company is on track to increase that presence by leaps and bounds, thanks to Arnthane.

Adding Arnthane’s spray foam products to its entourage is certain to give Rhino Linings a competitive edge. Arnthane’s 40 years of experience have set it apart from many competitors in the marketplace. While spray foam may be the biggest piece of the picture when talking about this acquisition, it’s not the only matter to consider. Rhino Linings is known for its coatings products, and they will soon be known for their spray-foam offerings, but Arnthane is and has been a manufacturer of similar applications to that of Rhino Linings for a while too.

For example, Arnthane has been producing epoxy floor coatings and protective roof coatings for years now. This, along with products like its IronHide, used in similar cases to that of Rhino Linings products, should only help to complement what Rhino Linings has been producing from its inception. However the two company’s technologies and distribution methods end up merging, it’s likely to prove very synergistic. Arnthane’s experience in multiple industries will only help to increase the reach Rhino Linings has had in its own markets and the new sectors that come from the acquisition of the two.


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