September Power Manufacture Award Winner: Stealth Gear USA


In what seemed like an underserved market, one business has been leading the way in quality gun accessory manufacturing. That’s why the September Power Manufacture Award goes well-deserved to Stealth Gear USA.


How it all Began:

Based in American Fork, Utah, Stealth Gear USA was created on the idea of a better gun carrying case. According to the company’s website, founder Paul Laemmlen, it all started with a mishap with his handgun while shopping at a local store.

“It all started the day my loaded handgun fell out of a poorly-designed IWB holster and onto the floor of a busy retail establishment,” he says on the company’s website. “That holster (manufactured by a major US holster company) was retired that day to the reject holster pile. After an exhaustive search for a better IWB holster, I was disappointed with the poorly-conceived and over-priced offerings on the market.”

It wasn’t long before Stealth Gear USA was born, bringing quality and practical gun holsters and accessories to the world.


The Product:

What truly sets Stealth Gear USA apart from its competitors is their carefully-crafted, award-winning, American made VentCore® holster. The product was one of Laemmlen’s original creations when he first designed the product out of his garage in 2012. With 30 individual components handmade to order, including parts that utilize rust-free metal and breathable fabric, the holster serves citizens, military and police forces in more than 50 countries.

Not your Average Gun Accessory Maker:

Stealth Gear USA isn’t content in participating in the latest trends in accessory manufacturing. According to a company spokesman, Stealth Gear USA seeks to be on the cutting edge of what’s next in the market.

“We don’t release a product unless its innovative or better than what’s currently available on the

Market,” the spokesman said. “Too many companies ‘pile on’ and just copy their competitors. With our Research and Development Department, Market Research Committee, and New Product Development Committee structure – which is composed of team members with significant engineering and product education experience and backgrounds – we believe we are capable of bringing a more robust and cross-disciplinary product development process to our products.”


Creating a Proud Legacy:

Getting into an industry market can be tough in today’s environment for small businesses. Stealth Gear USA knew this to be a fact, and strove to regulate its growth in ways that would allow its top-quality employees to be the drive of expansion and profit.

“Early on, it was very challenging trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand while building an underlying business that could support the demand and grow to meet market needs,” the spokesman said. “It didn’t take long for us to discover that our industry is subject to  hyper-competition, political realities, and knock-offs and imitations. Through all these challenges we focused on what we could control – the quality of our products and our customer service.

Looking to the future, Stealth Gear USA says it’s well prepared to face a world where the market is ever changing.

“We are extremely proud of the team we’ve built and the processes we have refined over the past five years. We’re in a position now to aggressively pursue new and exciting products not only within the concealed carry market, but beyond.”

Powerblanket is proud to award the Power Manufacture Award to Stealth Gear USA due to the company’s excellence in manufacturing a quality product that puts them above the competition. Fore more information on Stealth Gear USA and its products, visit

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