Cold Coconuts: Preventing Heat Loss With Coconut Blankets

Learn how a cosmetics company uses Powerblanket’s Coconut Blanket to keep coconut oil at a low viscosity. 

Consistency is Key

Coconut oil is a main ingredient in several products, particularly those relating to beauty, health, and wellness. This oil is used for its many benefits including its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is an effective moisturizer for the skin and hair, and it also just smells fantastic! 

While there are many upsides for choosing to use coconut oil, companies that create these products have also likely experienced the frustrations that can accompany working with it. 

The main obstacle coconut oil presents is changing consistency. In colder temperatures, the oil is no longer a liquid. The oil can even freeze if left unattended in the cold. The thick, solid form of coconut oil can be difficult to work with and halt your company’s progress.   

BodyTech Cosmetics 

BodyTech Cosmetics is a Wisconsin company that specializes in making quality, handmade skincare products including soaps, bath bombs, lotions, lip balms, and more. It also offers customers the opportunity to purchase ingredients and make custom products at home or with a friend in the shop. 

This customer-friendly company wanted to serve its customers with quality, always-accessible products, as well as allow for the easiest DIY soap-making experience. But it consistently faced a problem of cold, or downright frozen, coconut oil. This obstacle made the oil incredibly frustrating to use.

coconut oil

The Problem BodyTech Cosmetics Faced

“We use a lot of coconut oil,” explains BodyTech Cosmetic’s Dan McFarland.

He describes how he struggled for years, trying to find the best way to keep his coconut oil in the workable liquid form he needed for efficient soap creation. He explains how he resorted to creative measures in his quest for the right answer – but that they all fell short of his expectations.  

“For a couple of years, I had been using an aquarium heater to melt the oil,” he told us. He says he also often used a microwave in an attempt to quickly thaw out the coconut oil. Major points for creativity with the aquarium heater, but in the end, these solutions just did not serve BodyTech in the way McFarland needed them to. Something had to be done.

coconut oil

BodyTech Cosmetics Found Powerblanket 

McFarland decided enough was enough. He scoured the internet to find a solution that would make his handmade skincare creation process smooth and painless. That’s when he finally discovered Powerblanket, and more specifically, Powerblanket’s Coconut Blanket Pail Heaters.

He quickly ordered a blanket and found that this was the solution he had been trying to find for years. He simply needed to plug in the blanket and wrap it around his 5-gallon pails. Now he would have the ability to keep his coconut oil at the perfect working temperature without any preparation work added to the creation process. 

He explains “By keeping out coconut oil melted in the pail, it saves having to use a microwave or other inefficient means of melting it.” He tells us it completely changed the game for his company, which is exactly what we love to hear. 

Does Your Company Work With Coconut Oil? Powerblanket Is Here to Help

Here at Powerblanket, we are generally known for our extensive heating options for gas delivery systems and propane tank heaters. While these jobs are often complex and heat large areas, we have not forgotten our customers who need a simple solution that may include heating one five-gallon pail. No matter the size of the job, we’re always here to help.

We know that efficiency is one of the top priorities in a handmade product company like BodyTech Cosmetics. A smoothly-run process, without any time delays, will change your company’s game – just like it did for BodyTech Cosmetics. 

If your company is looking for the best, effortless choice for keeping your coconut oil at the perfect temperature and consistency, Powerblanket’s Coconut Blanket Pail Heaters are your answer.

What Your Company Can Expect From Powerblanket’s Coconut Blanket Pail Heater

  • Affordable, Dependable Warming Wrap
  • Temperature Control Options for Optimal Results
  • Best Heat Distribution Solutions to Evenly Heat Coconut Oil
  • Maintain Optimal Viscosity and Flow to Coconut Oil
  • No Risk of Burning the Oil
  • Meets UL and CSA Safety Standards

If you are in a business that works with coconut oil on a daily basis, check into this absolute game-changing heating option. Call Powerblanket Today About Coconut Blanket Pail Heaters at 855.447.9358.

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