October Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

Returning from September’s nominee list is Frontier Swiss for this month’s Power Manufacturing Award. Joining them are Compax, a packaging manufacturer, and Extreme Motus, a manufacturer of all-terrain wheelchairs.

Frontier Swiss Frontier Swiss is a manufacturer based in Provo that produces, according to their website, “the highest quality, precision screw machine parts.” Family owned since its inception, Frontier Swiss values their highly skilled employees and the attention to detail of the machine parts they manufacture on a daily basis.




CompaxCompax is a packaging company based in Salt Lake City. They offer top-knotch container solutions in everything from soap dispensers to makeup bottles, delivering some of the best packaging options to the cosmetics industry. Compax was nominated by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.


Extreme MotusExtreme Motus is a small manufacturing company from Payson, designing and building wheelchair-tricycle hybrids. We contacted the company founder after learning about the “Emma” bike, an all-terrain wheelchair that can even travel on water, all for the purpose of allowing wheelchair-bound people to experience the limitless outdoors.




These are three serious nominees. All of them are qualified to be a Power Manufacturer, so choosing one of them to represent the award for the month of October will be difficult. We’ll let you know who came out on top later this month.

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