May Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

It’s a new month, and with that comes new Power Manufacturing Award nominees. Let’s meet the contestants:



Power Manufacturing AwardWasatch Window Well Covers

Our first nominee for May is Wasatch Window Well Covers, an Orem, Utah, based business that manufactures covers for (you guessed it) window wells. Their products reflect the company’s priority for user safety. Not only does their product prevent falls down into window wells, but also allows for users as young as children to unlock the cover when the need to escape becomes real, such as a house fire.

Power Manufacturing Award



OraTech is a full-end manufacturer for the healthcare industry. Originating as a dental products maker in Utah, the South Jordan company has expanded into multiple aspects of healthcare. OraTech is known for using innovative manufacturing methods for their clients, including a rare 3-color 3D printer used in crafting syringes.


Dyno NobelPower Manufacturing Award

One of the largest industrial explosives manufacturers in the world, Dyno Nobel bases its operations in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The company defines its crowning characteristic as good communications, meaning that employee insights and consumer feedback are both taken seriously.


These three manufacturers are what we consider to be some of the best examples of innovative, boundary-pushing and communication-focused companies in the Mountain West. We look forward to diving into our award process to determine which of these companies will win the Power Manufacturing Award

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Power Manufacture Award

April Power Manufacturing Award Winner: Milgard Windows and Doors

The Power Manufacturing Award is given to companies that demonstrate the ability to lead the manufacturing industry based on their ability to create high-quality products, respect the customer and value employees. That’s why we’re announcing our first regional Power Manufacturing Award winner, Milgard Windows and Doors!

Milgard Windows and DoorsMilgard Windows and Doors was nominated for their outstanding manufacturing solutions and employee-centric company culture. But that’s not all to their story, and why they deserve to be dubbed a Power Manufacturer.

Founded more than 50 years ago in Washington State, Milgard has been known for being open to customer comments and has produced an innovative manufacturing floor environment. In its manufacturing plants scattered across the American Mountain West, the company creates windows and doors suited to homeowners’ needs by making its own fiberglass frames, insulated glass units and vinyl components.

“To ensure top quality from start to finish, Milgard begins by precisely controlling our vinyl compound formulation to withstand harsh climate conditions,” a Milgard spokesperson told Powerblanket. “We extrude our own frame material, and fabricate all vinyl windows and doors to order, giving us the tightest control over quality. Our fiberglass windows and doors receive the same level of attention.”

In the manufacturing industry, it takes quality to make quality. That focus led Milgard to win the 2019 Best Quality Vinyl Window from BUILDER Magazine. That success is only made possible by Milgard employees.

“To be the best, we hire the best,” the spokesperson said. “More than 3,000 Milgard employees work hard every day to give our customers high-quality products and superior service. They’re a big part of the answer to the question: Why Milgard?”

Power Manufacture AwardBecoming a Power Manufacturer means being the best your company can possibly be. Focusing on the product, respecting and valuing employees, and pursuing innovation are what the Power Manufacturing Award is all about. That’s why we’re happy to have Milgard Doors and Windows featured as the Power Manufacturer for the month of April.  

April Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

The Power Manufacturing Award process has undergone several changes, the biggest of which is our promoting of deserving award nominees. One of these four nominees will win the Power Manufacturing Award for the month of April. 

Powerblanket is excited to announce the nominees for April’s Power Manufacturing Award: Advanced Composites, Aero Tech Manufacturing, Milgard Windows and Doors, and Biovation Labs. These businesses have shown to be exceptional when it comes to the key characteristics of a Power Manufacturer: innovative, unique and persevering. 

April Nominees


Advanced Composites

Advanced Composites: Operating out of Salt Lake City, Advanced Composites has worked hard for nearly 30 years to become one of the nation’s top carbon filament winding companies. With an eye for detail and a reputation of safety (this is their 7th year of being accident-free), Advanced Composites has earned their spot as a nominee for April’s Power Manufacturing Award.


Aero Tech ManufacturingAero Tech Manufacturing: One of the most employee-focused companies we’ve ever seen, Aero Tech Manufacturing was nominated for their recognition that good products are a result of good workers. For the past 25 years, employees have led the way in developing ways to innovate the manufacturing process, and according to the company’s website, that’s one of the things they’re most proud of.

Milgard Windows and Doors


Milgard Windows and Doors: While not based in Utah, Milgard Windows and Doors has a fantastic manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, where company values result in a top-quality product. Those values, which got Milgard the nomination, are to focus on the customer, cultivate high-performance teams, and continuously improve, just to name a few. 



Biovation Labs

Biovation Labs: One of the most transparent manufacturers in Utah, Biovation Labs is a do-it-all nutritional supplement maker. From supplement creation to product packaging, Biovation has a hand in every part of the manufacturing process. Their policy of allowing tours of their facility, what they call “your own quality audit,” is one of the reasons for their nomination.


Each of these companies display the traits of a Power Manufacturing Award winner. We’re proud to recognize them as examples of excellence in the Utah manufacturing industry, and we look forward to working with them as we move ahead in the nomination process. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the winner later this month!

Power Manufacture Award

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March Power Manufacturing Award Winner: Cal-Pack

Ever innovating is the spirit of the Power Manufacturing Award, and that’s why this month’s award goes to California Packaging and Display.

Cal-PackCalifornia Packaging and Display, also known as Cal-Pack, is a 40-year-old packaging business with corporate headquarters in Utah and California. Cal-Pack works with companies around the globe, meeting their packaging needs and continually improving shipping methods. With nearly a hundred products in their lineup, Cal-Pack has made itself essential in the packaging industry in Utah and the world.

The Power Manufacturing Award is given to companies that are definition of Utah manufacturing: innovative, unique and persevering. A spokesperson for Cal-Pack said the company has come a long way in order to meet that definition. “Our Utah manufacturing facility has moved 4 times in 30 years,” he said. “We roughly doubled space and equipment with each move, expanding our capacity and manufacturing abilities.”

The spokesperson added that Cal-Pack focuses on three things that have lead to their success as a manufacturer: listening to customers, looking for needs not being filled, and using creativity to solve problems.

Power Manufacture Award

“We are constantly looking at the changing retail/wholesale environment, customer needs, and updating or adding equipment as necessary to meet demand,” the spokesperson said.

As a congratulations, Cal-Pack will be featured on the Powerblanket website and be in the running for the Power Manufacturer of the Year Award, as well as receive an award badge on their website and a special Power Hammer for their offices.

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With a new year comes a new winner of Powerblanket’s Power Manufacture Award. For the month of January, Cox Honeyland has been chosen to receive this prestigious recognition. We’ve noticed their manufacturing prowess in creating some of the most delicious honey in the Mountain West, and felt the world needed to be aware of this outstanding manufacturer.

Cox Honeyland Power Manufacture Award

Cox Honeyland is a family-run honey business based in Logan, Utah. The company began in St. George, Utah, back in the early 1900s, where members of the Cox family created a bee keeping empire in the desert. Cox Honeyland is the modern incarnation of that same idea, raising bees and churning out honey for the world to enjoy.

One of the unique aspects of honey from Cox Honeyland is the nature of their nectar.  According to the company’s website, their bees travel across the northern Utah mountains to collect nectar from flower blossoms that result in three particular flavors of honey: Clover-Alfalfa (light and mild), Cache Valley (darker with more flavor), and Mountain Snowberry (mountain wildflower flavor). With that honey, Cox Honeyland manufactures a wide variety of products such as beeswax lip balm, honey popcorn and fruited creamed honey.

A spokesperson for Cox Honeyland said the reason they’ve been in business for over 100 years is because of their high manufacturing standards.

“We value our customers and are consistent and dependable,” the spokesperson said, adding that Cox Honeyland is already recognized for many local and state awards for their entrepreneurship. The company is also the recipient of the Golden Hive Award, issued for outstanding beekeeping.

Cox Honeyland will be one of many of this year’s Power Manufacture Award winners. Representatives from Powerblanket will be delivering an award plaque and issuing a Power Manufacture Award badge for Cox Honeyland’s website. The honey manufacturer will also be in the running for the 2019 Power Manufacturer of the Year.

If you’d like to nominate your business for the Power Manufacture Award, contact Powerblanket at [email protected].

Power Manufacture Award