June Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

Summer is finally here, and so are this month’s nominees for the Power Manufacturing Award. These nominees were discovered while searching for businesses that do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Their products and services focus on supporting other companies, and are essential to the growth of businesses across the nation.

Love-less ash

First off is Love-Less Ash, an industrial-grade vacuum manufacturer based in Price, Utah. These vacuums have been locally made since the 1980s after the company founder created a prototype for his wife. Years later, Love-Less Ash has perfected their product and is one of the leading manufacturers in its community. The company’s commitment to the city of Price and manufacturing an specialized product is what got it a spot on this month’s nomination list.



squatters craft beer
Second is Salt Lake Brewing Co., a brewery based in the state capital, is one of the top brewers in Utah. The brewery manufactures craft beer under two brands, Wasatch and Squatters. According to Canarchy.com, the brands have won more than 100 awards at beer competitions around the globe. Operating on the talents and skills of 400 employees, this company has proven that their innovative beer production methods creates the ideal beer to drink.


Wasatch Container


Finally, we have Wasatch Container. Founded in the mid-1990s, Wasatch Container has become a leading manufacturer of packaging materials. Their products include corrugated boxes, displays and wooden crates. The North Salt Lake company was nominated for their employee-centered work culture and their identity of constantly finding how their manufacturing processes can be improved.




Stay tuned for this month’s winner of the Power Manufacturing Award, which will be announced at the end of June.

Power Manufacture Award


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