March Power Manufacturing Award Winner: Cal-Pack

Ever innovating is the spirit of the Power Manufacturing Award, and that’s why this month’s award goes to California Packaging and Display.

Cal-PackCalifornia Packaging and Display, also known as Cal-Pack, is a 40-year-old packaging business with corporate headquarters in Utah and California. Cal-Pack works with companies around the globe, meeting their packaging needs and continually improving shipping methods. With nearly a hundred products in their lineup, Cal-Pack has made itself essential in the packaging industry in Utah and the world.

The Power Manufacturing Award is given to companies that are definition of Utah manufacturing: innovative, unique and persevering. A spokesperson for Cal-Pack said the company has come a long way in order to meet that definition. “Our Utah manufacturing facility has moved 4 times in 30 years,” he said. “We roughly doubled space and equipment with each move, expanding our capacity and manufacturing abilities.”

The spokesperson added that Cal-Pack focuses on three things that have lead to their success as a manufacturer: listening to customers, looking for needs not being filled, and using creativity to solve problems.

Power Manufacture Award

“We are constantly looking at the changing retail/wholesale environment, customer needs, and updating or adding equipment as necessary to meet demand,” the spokesperson said.

As a congratulations, Cal-Pack will be featured on the Powerblanket website and be in the running for the Power Manufacturer of the Year Award, as well as receive an award badge on their website and a special Power Hammer for their offices.

Do you know a manufacturer that deserves recognition? Contact Power Manufacturing Award Director Adam Jacobs at [email protected] to submit your nomination!

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