May Power Manufacturing Award Winner: Wasatch Window Well Covers

The Power Manufacturing Award has been given to another worthy winner. Let’s give a big round of applause to the Power Manufacturer for the month of May: Wasatch Window Well Covers.

Wasatch window well covers

Wasatch Covers has been a significant part of the home construction industry in the Mountain West, being one of the largest window well cover manufacturers in Utah and Colorado. Company founder Ryan Anderson created Wasatch Covers after discovering the lack of quality window well cover products way back in 2002. He told Powerblanket that the company has learned many lessons over the years as it constantly seeks to innovate and improve.

“Over the last several years, we’ve spent a substantial amount of time and resources to the development of a process that allows us to do all things digital,” he said. “We first developed software that uses a mobile device, and through AI, can not only identify a window well through the device’s camera, but can also compensate for perspective and image distortion to create measurements within 0.5% accuracy. This was unheard of in an uncontrolled environment until we produced it.

“From that, we are well into the process of completely automating our processes for manufacturing the window well covers. This is one of the things that has allowed us to mass produce a custom product. The dimensions of every single window well cover are different. We are able to produce thousands of these each month.”

As a result of going digital and utilizing AI to meet the customer’s needs, Wasatch Covers has been able to expand into other markets as their ability to produce quality products has increased.

“Through our manufacturing processes, we’ve been able to grow our coverage areas,” Anderson said. “We now cover Utah and Colorado, with plans to launch nationwide by late 2019. We’ve been the clear leader in Utah and Colorado, in volume, customer service, and quality for quite some time. Over the past 5 years we’ve seen over 30% growth year over year, and 2019 is looking to continue that trend handily.”

The phrase “Always Get Better” is the mantra of Wasatch Covers. Seeking out customer input has been critical to ensuring products are always meeting the standard of being exactly what the customer needs. The company even has a full-time position dedicated to seeing how the company can improve, from the R&D desk to the manufacturing floor.

An example of this concept in action is one of the features of the window well cover products, created by inspired feedback from customers.

“One of several things that makes us stand out against our competition,” Anderson said, “is our ability to understand what our customers want and then to be able to give it to them. One example of this is our EZ lift system. This allows for a person (of almost any size) to be able to gain access or egress from any window well.”

“Always Get Better” is also the advice that Anderson said he’d give to any entrepreneur getting into the manufacturing industry.

“No matter the success or failure, continue to work hard,” he told Powerblanket. “Niches and routes to success come as you move forward in the pursuit of greatness. Also, you can’t do it alone. Align your organization both within and externally with other great companies. Learn from them, and let them do what they are best at.”

The Power Manufacturing Award has one purpose: promote the manufacturing businesses of Utah and the surrounding North American Mountain West region by showcasing innovation, customer respect and employee welfare. Wasatch Window Well Covers has proved itself to be a true Power Manufacturer, and we at Powerblanket are proud to share their story.

Power Manufacture Award


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February 2018 Power Manufacturer:  Rustica Hardware


Power Manufacturer Awardwooden doors for rustica hardware in a living roomRustica Hardware, of Springville, UT–the Art City, is our featured Power Manufacturer for February. Rustica is the second manufacturer to win the Power Manufacturer of the Month Award by Powerblanket. Although they seem to have little in common with our first winner, Taffy Town, Rustica Hardware shows that manufacturing is not a stereotypical industry. We started this campaign to spread the word about the manufacturing industry and the businesses who are making an impact in it, regardless of the specific industry or business model. Rustica Hardware is definitely making an impact, and are doing some very exciting things to set them apart as a Power Manufacturer. 

Like many companies, Rustica Hardware began with a wish and a dream.  The founders, Kate and Paul Alan, loved cabins and rustic furniture and decor.  As they created and explored their options, they found that beautiful doors and hardware were the niche that fueled their fire.  Eleven years from it’s conception, Rustica Hardware is a thriving manufacturing business with a very bright future.  Ben Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, spent some time helping us to become more familiar with Rustica Hardware and their specific vision.

It’s Not Just a Door

If you were to walk into any mill or metal shop typically they will tell you, “We make doors, cabinets, hardware, etc.”  That is the product base at Rustica; however, if you were to ask what they do, they would say, “We make functional art that brings soul to people’s living spaces.” This one-liner puts into perspective how they are different and reminds them why they are successful. They envision, create, and manufacture functional art, not doors. So if the product prepared for shipping isn’t inspiring, it doesn’t ship. Rustica Hardware promises quality, speed, and an artistic aesthetic with every single product–that’s what makes them different. 

handsome brown haired engineer drawing at table in warehouse

Mass Customization 

An idea that they have built their facility around is “mass customization.” Because they offer so many different options and to ensure the product will bring soul to the intended living space, they had to create a machine unlike any other in the market to accommodate totally custom requests with short lead times. “We will proudly turn around a totally custom door in two-three weeks, and a totally custom hardware set in just three-five business days,” said Lewis.  The facility’s layout accommodates huge quantities of this speedy customization every single day, which is something they are very proud of.

What Keeps Rustica Hardware on Top

Their approach to business, creation, and manufacturing really hasn’t changed much since they began. Their primary focus has always been to create products that move and inspire people.  The only difference now is that they have expanded to meet the huge demand for their products. Moreover, they value their people and have scaled up with the most talented people in the industry to ensure they can create products quickly and of the highest quality imaginable.

Award Winner

Rustica Hardware has received numerous trade/home show awards.  They are a Utah “Best in State” company for the door and hardware industry. They have been honored as as Best of Houzz and many others. On top of that, their products have appeared on many home improvement shows featured on HGTV, DIY network, and FYI. Their products have also made the big screen as parts of sets for major motion pictures.

Rustica Hardware Headquarters in front of mountain

Advice from Rustica Hardware

Lewis said, “Find a lane and stick to it. There is always the temptation to try to be something to everyone, but when you do that you risk being nothing to no one. Avoid the call to offer your products below their value. It will be a longer road to success by maintaining your standards, but it will build your company on a firmer foundation to cultivate customers who are actual fans of your brand.”

In the Future

In fact, Rustica Hardware has recently been filmed to potentially get their own renovation TV show on the A&E network. According to Lewis, “Nothing is set in stone yet, but it’s looking very possible that millions of viewers, from all over the US, could be tuning into the Utah manufacturing scene weekly.”