October Power Manufacturing Award Winner

This month’s Power Manufacturing Award goes to the smallest business that has ever been nominated: Extreme Motus.

Extreme MotusA manufacturer of all-terrain wheelchairs, Extreme Motus has shown that they make a huge difference in the world for only having three employees. The wheelchairs they produce in Payson, Utah, enable people with disabilities to get outdoors and experience activities such as hiking, floating on water, or even traveling on a sandy beach.

The company’s origins began with a tragic accident, when a large tree fell onto a girl, paralyzing her from the waste down. One of the responding firefighters and a machinist friend stayed in touch with the girl’s family during recovery, and created a specialized wheelchair for her to better participate in school activities. It wasn’t long before orders for the wheelchair started pouring in, and the need to formally organize the wheelchair building efforts resulted in Extreme Motus.

Adam Beesley, an Extreme Motus founder, told Powerblanket about the work that they do and why they do it, saying that though their company is small, it’s all about the families that they have helped.

“It is such a joy to know the difference we are making in their lives,” Beesley said. 

Their size allows for painstaking detail to go into every wheelchair, including making adjustments and tweaks as necessary.

“Because we make the product, we have been able to make small changes to improve the overall product,” Beesley told Powerblanket. “Examples would be wheel placement, braking systems, making an electric model.”
Part of being a Power Manufacturer means offering advice to future entrepreneurs. Beesley said the best advice he would give is to be patient, and added that the business goals you want to achieve “will take longer than you want,” but don’t give up.
It’s hard to find a company that serves a better cause than Extreme Motus. We applaud them for their life-changing products and congratulate them on winning October’s Power Manufacturing Award.
Power Manufacturing Award
If you know of a company that should be nominated, send an email at [email protected] about why you think they should be named a Power Manufacturer.

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