January Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

Powerblanket is welcoming in 2020 by announcing the January nominees for the Power Manufacturing Award: Vanderhall and VIA Motors.

Power Manufacturing AwardVanderhall is the only road-legal automobile manufacturer in Utah and one of the most popular post-recession businesses. When looking at their three-wheeled masterpiece, a few words come to mind: innovative, sleek, and sexy. Vanderhall first began working on a prototype in 2010 under leadership of Steve Hall, a car dealership owner who felt there was something missing on the highway. Utilizing federal safety and manufacturing standards that apply more to motorcycles than cars, Hall found the balance of affordability with speed and comfort in his new vehicle design. Since the sale of its first vehicle in 2016, Vanderhall has been following its seven-phase growth plan to expand its Provo-based manufacturing capabilities.

Power Manufacturing AwardVIA Motors was founded in 2010 as a response to the growing need for fuel efficient in automobiles. The Orem-based company converts trucks, vans and SUVs into long-range electric vehicles by replacing gas-powered drivetrains with heavy duty electric models. VIA Motors is a self-declared supporter of small manufacturing businesses in Utah, hiring many employees from nearby Utah Valley University. The manufacturer is currently rated as one of the top 17 businesses to work for in Orem.

Both of these nominees are incredible at what they do and are equally deserving of the Power Manufacturing Award. Who will win this month? Follow the Powerblanket blog and Powerblanket’s social media to see which company will become the next Power Manufacturer!

Don’t see your company as this month’s nominee? Email [email protected] to nominate your company for the Power Manufacturing Award. 

Power Manufacturing Award

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