August Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

This month’s Power Manufacturing Award nominees were nominated by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Each nominee is a member of the chamber, and we’re more than happy to showcase these potential Power Manufacturers. Get ready to meet Wasatch Container and Hammerton.

Wasatch Container

Wasatch Container is one of premier packaging companies in the Mountain West. Founded in 1995, Wasatch Container has become a leading manufacturer of packaging materials. The North Salt Lake company was nominated for their employee-centered work culture and their identity of constantly finding how their manufacturing processes can be improved. Wasatch Container was a PMA nominee in June, and though they didn’t make the cut then, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce persuaded us to give them a second look. 



Hammerton Lighting

Next is Hammerton, a leading lighting designer and manufacturer also founded in 1995. A perfect example of lean manufacturing, Hammerton combines innovation with traditional metalsmithing into what they call “lean craft.” This unique method of manufacturing has allowed them to experience unprecedented growth both in their business and in the solutions they have for their customers. As such, they were the first American manufacturer to use metal mesh as a structural element in lighting. 

Both of these companies are prime examples of what it takes to represent the Utah manufacturing industry. One of them will be selected to be the Power Manufacturer of the month. Stay tuned!

Don’t see your business on our nomination list this month? Contact us to nominate your company for the Power Manufacturing Award!

Power Manufacturing Award

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