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Tote HeatersAre your plastic water tanks freezing? Do you store your DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in IBC Totes? During the cold season, these temperature-sensitive liquids can encounter frequent problems. Whether you work with sensitive chemical compounds, DEF to keep your equipment running, or just plain water, dropping temperatures can lead to dropping sales. So what are your options? We’ll discuss some pros and cons of different solutions and why Powerblanket Tote Heaters will do the best job.

Decisions, Decisions: Your Options for Tote Heating

Heat Trace

There are several ways to heat water and DEF totes. Heat trace systems, which generally involve some form of heat tape, are costly to repair, replace, and encounter several drawbacks. They’re inexpensive to purchase initially, since you can pick up the tape at basically any hardware store. For something large like a tote, you would need “a metric crap-ton” (as my coworker called it), to fully wrap it with heat trace. It doesn’t distribute heat evenly throughout the product either, since the heat is centralized on the tape and doesn’t really radiate. It’s better used for things like piping. Heated tape also has issues with wet weather conditions (like, er, snow?), leading to the expense of workers coming to scrape it off and reinstall new tape. 

thermal image showing uneven hot spots on band heater

Traditional Electric Blankets

Electric heat blankets are typically a better option, but can be expensive to run, and traditional models still leave hot and cold spots. By looking at thermal imaging of the majority of heated blankets, you can see your products run the risk of scalding or partially freezing. 

Tote Ovens

You’ll also likely come across electric or steam-heated drum and tote ovens. While this solution solves the question of temperature very well, there are still two issues. First, an oven is priiiiicy, and second, you are limited on space.

Then again, when it comes to protecting your precious material, perhaps price isn’t much of a factor. But who wouldn’t spend less for a product that does an even better job? Leave the oven for baking. There’s a better option.

Best Case Scenario: Powerblanket® Tote Heaters

Thermal Image of Powerblanket's Even Heat DistributionWe saw the flaws of all the other heating methods and wanted to find a better solution. This is why we created Powerblanket Tote Heaters. Powerblanket technology puts years of innovation into each blanket by spreading heat evenly, covering the entire surface area. They are cost-efficient to operate by increasing efficiency and reducing required labor. When it comes to tote heaters and DEF tote heaters, you’ll be able to keep chemicals to spec, equipment running, and your project on track for deadlines without spending a fortune. 

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