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During the cold season, your temperature-sensitive liquids become a frequent problem. Whether working with a chemical compound that needs to be kept within spec or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to keep your equipment running, when the temperature of the product falls below spec, it can set your project back days or weeks, which can mean thousands of dollars lost.

There are several ways to heat totes and DEF totes. Heat trace systems are costly to install, run, repair, or replace. Electric heat blankets are typically a better option, but can be expensive to run, and traditional models still leave hot and cold spots.

We saw the flaws of all the other heating methods and wanted to find a better solution. This is why we created Powerblanket®. We developed our patented GreenHeat® technology and put it into our heated blankets. GreenHeat® technology puts years of innovation into each blanket by spreading heat evenly, covering the entire surface area, and being cost-efficient to operate by increasing efficiency and reducing required labor. In our tote heaters and DEF tote heaters, this means you’ll be able to keep chemicals to spec, equipment running, and your project on track for deadlines without spending a fortune. 


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