What is Smart Technology?

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The term “smart”, in reference to technology, is thrown around a lot these days. However, not everyone understands what smart technology is and how it differs from other devices. Let’s take a closer look at what make smart devices “smart.”

What is “Smart Technology”?

A smart device has the capability of receiving input from its environment and acting autonomously. It generally connects to other devices or a network of other devices. Most people are familiar with smart homes, phones, security systems, doorbells, keys, speakers, watches, and tablets. We walk around and interact with these devices every day. However, the real unsung smart technology heroes operate behind the scenes of the world of industrial manufacturing.

Industrial Smart Technology

Industrial manufacturers use smart technology to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT allows smart devices to communicate with each other and act without human-human or human-device interaction. Basically, tech talks to tech and takes the appropriate action. This can be an extremely useful tool to protect equipment, keep operations running, eliminate human error, and speed up production.

Smart devices are also constantly learning. By storing data and running analytics, smart technology can detect problems earlier or solve them before they actually become a problem.

Industrial smart technology

Environmental Awareness

There are many different ways that smart technology can be programmed to be aware of its environment. For example, the most ubiquitous instance would be location services on smart phones. Smart phones automatically optimize and change how they operate when they detect your location.

Industrial smart technology makes devices aware of their environment in many capacities. Location, ambient weather, security breaches, equipment malfunction, temperature alerts, and more are all important environmental factors that smart technology is trained to detect. If a manufacturer has a specific environmental concern, they can program their smart devices to detect that exact concern and take action to solve the problem.

Smart Temperature Control

Controlling temperatures through smart technology is an extremely critical niche in the industrial manufacturing community. Thermal stress (either hot or cold) in equipment, materials, and the ambient environment has far-reaching and disastrous effects. Smart thermostatic control provides peace of mind for anyone who has a vested interest in keeping operations running. Not only that, detecting and resolving thermal stress in real time saves money, time, and other resources.

Powerblanket Smart Technology Solutions

Powerblanket specializes in total smart temperature control. We offer multiple solutions that make your tech work for you, not the other way around. With Powerblanket, constantly babysitting thermostats and temperature gauges is a thing of the past.

Smart Controllers

We are proud to offer Beacon Smart Controllers that put total temperature control right at your fingertips. Beacon is equipped to activate your heating and cooling devices based upon both ambient temperatures and the temperatures of your equipment or materials. In addition, you can easily access and program wirelessly on any device using our app. Sit back and let Beacon handle remote temperature monitoring, schedules, alerts, and temperature ranges for you.

WiFi temperature monitoring with Beacon Smart controller app and control box

Smart Blankets

Powerblanket has also engineered patented smart heating blankets for barrels and drums with 3 smart temperature zones. Our smart blanket technology detects changes in its environment to turn these thermal zones off. Specifically, temperature sensors communicate with the heating blanket and the thermostats detect a decreased thermal load. As the contents of the drum deplete, the individual heating zones switch off automatically. Our zonal heating technology offers peace of mind that equipment and materials will not overheat, and you are not paying for more energy than you need.

Powerblanket infographic on smart technology heating blankets

Enjoy the combination of total temperature control with smart technology convenience. Contact Powerblanket to find the right smart temperature control for you at 855.548.8013 or [email protected].

Powerblanket's industrial control solutions give you the power to automate, remotely control, and monitor your valuable materials and equipment.


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