What is “Smart Technology?”

style Drum Heater

Powerblanket Heated barrel wrapEvery now and then, I’ll have a customer call in inquiring about our new “Smart Technology” and wondering what it is and how it is different than our technology used in other products.

Our patented technology offers an even distribution of heat across the plain or surface of our blankets. The blanket surface is the same temperature, meaning that there are no hot and cold spots. Through the use of this efficient and effective technology, we offer industries and companies solutions to their problems while increasing productivity and profitability.

Smart technology utilizes our patented technology described above, only it separates it into zones. There are three separate zones of heat which eliminate the possibility of burning material inside of 55 gallon drums. The 3 separate zones act as one when the drum is full.  As the drum depletes, the top zone will shut off. As the drum continues to deplete, and is a quarter full, the middle zone will shut off.  

Having zonal heating technology, offers more benefits and features to our customers and enables them to have additional options and comfort in knowing that their products and materials will not be overheated or burned while in use and in storage. This is our Smart Technology.

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