Win a New Powerblanket #MYPOWERBLANKET


Win a New Powerblanket!*


You’ve owned your Powerblanket for two weeks, two months, or maybe two years, and you love it! Now, share that love to WIN another one. 


“We use the Powerblanket 400 here at OMNIA Nightclub San Diego in an indoor application to provide extra power and performance with our Salvin CO2 Cryo System.  The Powerblanket significantly improves the output and quality of our Cryo System by creating and helping to regulate high pressure in our CO2 bulk tank.  The results are stronger and fuller CO2 plumes, which keeps our patrons cool and looks incredible!”

–Andrew Miller, Technical Manager, OMNIA Nightclub, San Diego


“We didn’t have the time to wait out the winter for the temperatures to become more moderate. The Powerblanket® heating blankets certainly played an important role in keeping us on schedule and not having to postpone the pour on an important Kansas City bridge.”

—Dale Helming, Project Manager Massman Construction


“Upon the implementation of using our new DEF system to stay compliant with EPA regulations, Powerblanket® provided an effective and energy efficient freeze protection system with its DEF Tote Heater System. We installed the unit and forgot about it, knowing our product is being protected, which gives us peace of mind.”

— Jerri Brumfield


“Powerblanket® barrel and bucket heaters are a drastic improvement over the original band heaters we used to offer. With Powerblanket® products we no longer have to worry about overheating or unpredictable thermostats. Their GreenHeat Technology provides uniform heat throughout the entire barrel of product which is paramount to what we do. Powerblanket® products are very durable, look great, and are the only heaters we will offer our customers.”

—Mike Roberts, Manager Howard Marten Fluid Technologies


As the seasons change and freezing temperatures become more prevalent, we want to reward you for your Powerblanket loyalty.  Share a picture of your Powerblanket in action and tell us how it has made a difference for your business.

To enter:

  • Enter Now-December 1, 2016
  • Go the Powerblanket Facebook page and click on the contest app on the right hand side, or click the link below.
  • Submit a photo of your Powerblanket in action.
  • Explain why you love your Powerblanket.
  • Tag your entry with #mypowerblanket
  • Contest Rules:  Enter as many times as you like with different pictures.  Anyone can enter.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and announced December 5, 2016.

Don’t own a Powerblanket?  Submit a photo of where you would use it and explain your need.  You could win!


You could win a New Powerblanket! *


Curious to see how Powerblanket can meet the unique needs of your industry?


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