Product Spotlight: Hot Box

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The Powerblanket® Hot Box, more officially known as our Bulk Material Warmer, is a great option for those less-than-common materials that are temperature sensitive, or else need to be brought up to a working temperature range.


Product Spotlight- Powerblanket Hot Box

The Hot Box

When it comes to protecting materials from freezing, Powerblanket® does the job extremely well, but did you know it’s really only half of what we do? Temperature regulation and heating application, whether for curing purposes or for bringing a material up to working temperature, is equally important in the industries we serve, and Powerblanket® does this equally as well.

This is where products like our Bulk Material Warmers (aka Hot Box) come into play. If you have materials that not only need protection from the cold, but also need to operate at high temperatures, then Powerblanket® Bulk Material Warmers are what you need. Consider the following example of how this product was used in the application of road construction.


Instant Road Repair

When Vern Fiehler needed to showcase his Instant Road Repair (IRR) product to the Juneau Alaskan International Airport, he met with problems on the first go around. In order to demonstrate his product, he needed to bring the IRR up to working temperature. He used a forced-air ceramic heater to do so, and the inevitable outcome was a catastrophe.

The ceramic heater overheated the IRR product by 40°F / 22°C—causing it to perform horribly. In the end, it cost Vern a pallet of product and embarrassment. Vern now uses Powerblanket® Bulk Material Warmers to demo his product, and he no longer has any problems with overheating or poor product performance.


Hot Box Features

Designed with extreme structural integrity, including an internal freestanding frame, the Hot Box can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. This makes it ideal for transportation, job-site heating, use in remote locations, and many other heating requirements. With adjustable thermostatic controllers, you can control the temperature range to keep from over or under-heating your product.


Powerblanket® Hot Boxes:

  • Preserve temperature sensitive material.
  • Install quickly and effortlessly and are compact and portable for storage.
  • Heat palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
  • Feature top and side access doors.

Are certified to UL/CSA/CE standards.


See all the details of the Powerblanket® hot box by downloading the free product spec sheet!



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