Powerblanket featured on ABC4 News


Powerblanket was featured on ABC4 News on May 16, showcasing its abilities to provide heating options and give back to Utah communities.

Company President and Utah Manufacturing Association board member Brent Reddekopp was interviewed about what Powerblanket has been doing for the Utah manufacturing community. He said innovation was a key to Powerblanket’s success, referencing the decision to manufacture both heating and cooling products to counter Utah’s extreme winter and summer weather.

Reddekopp also talked about Powerblanket’s initiatives to work with recently released prison inmates, offering them an opportunity to learn valuable labor and business skills as they put their lives back together.

“We focus on two or three areas of the community,” he said. “We give men a second chance coming out of the ‘big house.’ We give them a job to give them a real second chance. We try to help them get a job, and a paycheck, and a car and an apartment.”

In addition, Reddekopp said Powerblanket works closely with the One Heart Association, which helps teens coming out of the juvenile detention system.

“Most of them have never had a job,” he said, “so we give them an opportunity and come to Powerblanket to give them a real start also.”

These are only a part of what Powerblanket does both within the company and in the community to give a helping hand to those who need it, he added.

Reddekopp then stated that it was a privilege to be a part of a company that believes in serving others.

“It’s a great opportunity to have a company to change life in a community,” he said. “I love manufacturing. I love creating jobs in this state. There’s nothing better than to say ‘Made in America’ and ‘Made in Utah.'”

Click on the video above to watch Reddekopp’s interview with ABC4 News.

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