Powerblanket Named Top 20 Places to Work in Manufacturing


Fortune Magazine list includes companies such as 3M, Michelin, Mars Incorporated

SALT LAKE CITY– Utah-based manufacturer Powerblanket was recently named in Fortune Magazine’s 20 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production.

Coming in at number 15, Powerblanket was recognized for its employee-focused work environment. In a study completed by Great Places to Work®, a group that reviews companies for their treatment of employees. The review was “based on 47 employee surveys, with a 90 percent confidence level and a margin of error of ± 3.39.”


The review analyzed Powerblanket’s performance using 50 survey questions, with results gathered anonymously by company employees. Such questions were asked to determine the following:

  • Do employees trust the people they work for?
  • Are they treated fairly and with respect? 
  • Are people proud of their work? 
  • Do they enjoy the folks they work with? 
  • Are great experiences available to everyone or does it depend upon who you are and what job you perform? 
  • How effective are executives at leading the organization and giving everyone an opportunity to innovate and contribute to the organization’s success? 
  • How does the workplace compare to others of a similar employee population? 


The responses to the survey questions were very positive. Fortune Magazine quoted one responder, who said, “The dynamic of the company includes people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and cultures, but every person is treated well and is recognized for who they are and how they contribute.”

Indeed, each employee is treated as an equal. Some of the perks for working at Powerblanket, as referenced by Great Places to Work, include a weekly company-wide lunch with president Brent Reddekopp, 60-day maternity and paternity leave, and Powerblanket Cares, where employees in need can anonymously request help in paying rent or medical bills. The funds for the program come through volunteer donations by other employees.  

“Brent and our executive staff have made it clear that this company is as concerned about each employee’s quality of life as it is about producing and distributing a quality product,” a Powerblanket spokesperson told Great Places to Work.

The spokesperson added that simple things like a company lunch with access to the executive level helps with the feeling of inclusivity that their employees enjoy.

“This has improved interdepartmental communication, boosted morale, and helped reduce employee turnover significantly,” the spokesperson said.

Powerblanket reported having a total of 49 full-time employees, and was the smallest company to named in the top 20. All companies in the top 20 had an average turnover rate of 7.2 percent, while the national average is nearly double that at 13 percent.

Founded in 2005, Powerblanket manufactures high technology smart controls, heating blankets, and chillers that solve a wide range of temperature problems. For more information, visit www.powerblanket.com.  

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