Charles Hale – industrial snow melting mats


This 3′ wide x 10′ long heated snow melting walkway mat is very useful for those of us in the North-East. We have used path and step heat mats at our mountain top house, rental property, and two business locations, all with very good results. Unfortunately, we received these after the last snow of the year so it is difficult to provide quantitative results but our similar mats have always worked well.

This is really heavy since it is quite long and it really needs to be laid out and secured before the snows start. We set up our mats in the late fall and test them using an IR thermometer. The controller couldn’t be easier to use.

We will be using this 10′ long mat down our shop’s a 12′ long handicap accessible ramp, which will leave only a small area to hand clear when it snows.

Highly Recommended!

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