Any company that works in the oil and gas industry has a lot to worry about—from expensive equipment to expensive products, and everything in between. Your assets can range from a heavy-duty pipeline or frac tank down to the products and equipment you use to service them. Whatever the case may be, and whatever the need may pose, Powerblanket® products can help you protect your assets against the threat of failure, downtime, and hazardous conditions.

Why Powerblanket?

Powerblanket serves the oil and gas industry with all its specific needs in mind. When cold weather hits, Powerblanket® heaters protect expensive equipment and products from the effects of freezing temperatures.

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Powerblanket Frac Tank Heaters

Frac tanks play an important role in the Oil & Gas industry. Oil companies use frac tanks to store water, chemicals and fracking solution. Cold temperatures freeze liquids stored in frac tanks. This poses a threat to your operation because a frozen tank is useless and will likely result in delays and downtime. Powerblanket offers freeze protection for frac tanks of various shapes and sizes. Powerblanket® patented technology distributes heat evenly across the entire frac tank, preventing the contents from freezing or becoming too viscous. This results in greater productivity and less worry, because with Powerblanket® heaters, you’re always protected.

Powerblanket® Valve Heaters

Freezing temperatures can do a number on your valves, and a malfunctioning valve means a malfunctioning pipeline. Don’t let the risk of cold weather ruin your productivity or cause dangerous situations. Powerblanket® valve heater cover valves and warm them to the ideal-operating temperature. Powerblanket has the ability to customize each product to fit the needs of their clients. With Powerblanket® patented technology, you get more efficient heating than you would from conventional approaches.

Powerblanket® Instrumentation Heaters

Along with your valves, you have very important instrumentation and pressure transmitters to worry about too. In fact, cold weather can drastically affect proper operation with this type of equipment. That’s why Powerblanket makes heater covers designed with instrumentation and pressure transmitters in mind. Our customized approach means that whatever the size or shape, Powerblanket can produce a cover that is easy to use and that will protect your instruments through sub-zero conditions. So don’t leave your pressure transmitters and instrumentation alone against the cold. Protect them with a Powerblanket and never worry about cold weather again.

Standout Features:

  • Innovative design allows easy access
  • Highly efficient and evenly-distributed heat
  • UL/CSA and CE certification
  • Ability to meet CID2 hazardous location requirements
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Ensures smooth operation

Freezing Pipes and Manifolds

If you have your valves and instrumentation covered, what about all that pipe in between? A frozen pipe is a nightmare, but with Powerblanket pipe heaters, you can protect your pipes against the cold and sleep well at night because of it.

Powerblanket® Pipe Heaters

  • Save labor costs and downtime through easy installation, uninstallation and reinstallation
  • Protect down to -40°F / -40°C
  • Are custom designed to fit your specific needs
  • Prepare pipes for coatings
  • Are certified to UL/CSA/CE standards

Other Powerblanket Heaters

Pipeline aside, there’s plenty of other things you still have to worry about. Powerblanket doesn’t only protect your pipeline but also everything associated with it. Whether you’re storing DEF for your trucks, or housing chemicals and other liquids pertinent to your business needs, Powerblanket can help you store your product at ideal temperatures allowing you to protect it against the cold and save on the heating cost it would take to keep it in a warehouse.

Powerblanket Barrel / Drum / Bucket / Tote / DEF Heaters

  • Install easily
  • Safely heat a wide variety of materials
  • Distribute heat evenly
  • Are certified to UL/CSA/CE standards
  • Include a thermostatic controller to prevent accidental overheating

CID2 Certification

Powerblanket manufactures products that are compliant with cETLus Class I, Division 2 hazardous location certification (CID2). This means Powerblanket products are not only reliable and durable but also very safe. Powerblanket is certainly a superior heating solution, especially if your work environment is a Class I Div. 2 hazardous location.

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