Process Heating Solutions by Powerblanket

Process Heating Systems

Process heating in the industrial and manufacturing business can play a huge part in the efficiency and success of an operation. Powerblanket makes it easy to take control of heating in your processes. Powerblanket offers various process heating equipment as ready-to-ship products, from bucket and drum heaters to ibc tote heaters.

Because not all processes in manufacturing and production are the same, Powerblanket has expanded to also have the capability to produce custom solutions for most applications. Process temperature control requires the best tools and equipment that can perform at the highest level, yet are simple to use and get results.

Our heating and cooling solutions align with our goal to offer Total Temperature Control, regardless of the application or industry. We provide solutions to problems, and do it with the highest quality materials and the fastest turnaround time possible. Call and speak with a qualified representative today to see how we can help you.

Powerblanket Process Heating Products

  • ​Increase the performance and efficiency of your processes.
  • ​Safety certified to UL/CSA/CE Standards. Class1 Div2 hazardous location products also available.
  • Easy Installation and Use.
  • Custom systems can be designed for a large variety of  applications – and shipped within 2 weeks.

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