A U.S.-based railway company encountered mid-winter propane problems along its line. The company operates a number of propane-powered generators to provide power to help keep the lines clear of snow. Unfortunately, wintertime low temperatures average about 12F/-11C, and it was hard for the propane to vaporize to run the generators. After researching Powerblanket® cylinder warmers to heat the propane tanks, the railway company discovered a way to keep its generators working in the winter. The company purchased cylinder warmers for some of its 1000 lb. propane tanks and decided to put them to the test in the eld. Here’s what they found…

Test Result 1

Conditions: mid-January -2F/-19C with 5 MPH/8 KPH winds Equipment: 100 kw, 6.8L V10 generator ■ Blue Bar: No Powerblanket® Warmer Generator ran signal building and one snow blower before it stalled and went into alarm. The maximum load it could run was 30 amps. ■ Red Bar: With Powerblanket Warmer Generator ran the whole location, eight snow blowers and both buildings without problems. The total load was 113 amps, 22 kW.

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