Heating Up the Railroad Industry

Dropping temperatures can slow projects of all kinds. Many industries experience considerable lows during the winter months, but the railroad industry is one that must continue the same productivity year round—regardless of weather, and Powerblanket® helps them to do so.


train yard in the snow

The Impact of the Railroad—The Impact of Powerblanket®

The railroad is an important industry for the American economy (and for many economies worldwide). When you consider how much freight passes through locomotives every year, you can account for a significant amount of the goods and supplies that many companies produce and utilize. With an impact like this in mind, Powerblanket® produces customized solutions designed to assist railroad companies in protecting their resources and ensuring operational continuity, which in turn will help with the economic influence for all involved.

Cold weather can stop many different types of fair-weather operations, but the railroad isn’t one of them; too much is at stake. Yet, despite the continuity demanded of our railways, cold temperatures can drastically affect the materials the railroad relies upon to keep their trains moving. Powerblanket® patented technology assists railroad businesses in protecting their valuable assets by applying an even, consistent, and energy-efficient distribution of heat to whatever resource needs to be protected against the ravages of cold weather.  Here are a number of areas in which we assist:

Cas cylinder warmers

  • Signal & Communication Equipment
  • Propane Tanks
  • Temperature-Sensitive Products, Lubricants, Fluids
  • Maintenance of Way
  • General Construction
  • Wayside Detector Systems
  • Scanners
  • Hot Box (HBD) & Dragging Equipment Detectors (DED)
  • Railcar Heating
  • Snow / Ice Melting ~ Thawing
  • Sustainable Operations, and much more!



A Note on Propane

Rail switches don’t like cold weather, and a railroad is only as good as its weakest switch. If it gets cold enough, and especially if there’s plenty of snow on the tracks, these switch points will freeze and their movement will be impaired. The solution to this comes by heating this switch points with propane. Due to its usefulness in this process, propane becomes a precious commodity during winter weather.

However, with as precious as propane is to the railroad, the tanks are often left out in the cold, stored onsite, next to the switches. If left out to endure the cold long enough, low temperatures can cause the tank to lose pressure, at which point, propane depletion becomes inevitable. But Powerblanket solves this problem with our Propane Tank Heater—a revolutionary product that uses patented technology to deliver a uniform barrier of warmth over the entire service area. With this solution, railroad companies protect their switches and the propane stores that keep them heated when it’s needed.


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