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Are You Looking for a Consistently, Reliable Spray Foam Solution?

Spray foam does not work in cold temperatures causing downtime and delaying schedules. In the past, some tried to use band heaters, but that burns the product causing the foam to flake off clogging up equipment, pumps and hoses. Band heaters are not durable and have unreliable thermostats. They can also cause inconsistencies in the application. When locally over-heated foam reacts and expands in the tank, barrel, or cylinder it creates defective product, which in turn slows the flow rate and increases the down time.

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4 Things to Look for in a Reliable Spray Foam Solution

  • A unit that contains the spray foam kit boxes or the spray foam cylinders.
  • A unit that can evenly heat the spray foam from all sides for a consistent performance.
  • A well-insulated unit to keep the heat from leaking out.
  • Safety certifications, including a UL listing (in the U.S.) and CSA (in Canada).

New Solution in the Marketplace

Mike Roberts at Howard Marten solves these problems by using Powerblanket® products. He said:

“Powerblanket® barrel and bucket heaters are a drastic improvement over the original band heaters we use to offer. With Powerblanket® products we no longer have to worry about over-heating or unpredictable thermostats. Their GreenHeat® Technology provides uniform heat throughout the entire barrel of product which is paramount to what we do. Powerblanket® products are very durable, look great, and are the only heaters we will offer our customers.”