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frac water heaters

Frac water heaters play an important role in the hydraulic fracturing process. Fracing solution is generally stored at ambient temperature but needs to be heated before it can be pumped into the ground. Frac water heaters are used to circulate large amounts of water and fluid and gradually heat it to optimal fracing temperatures. Because propane is the fuel source running the frac water heater, it is extremely important to maintain propane tank pressure. Like all propane units, when temperatures and fluid levels drop, so does tank pressure.Powerblanket solves this problem by designing custom, truck-mounted tank heaters. Powerblanket® propane tank heaters are designed to optimize the pressure inside the tanks. By using Powerblanet® propane tank heaters, your frac water heater will be more effective and get a higher heat output.

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  1. Eliminate cold-weather related downtime
  2. Increase your work season by offering your services year-round
  3. Complete heating job in less time, with fewer trucks


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