How can you keep your oil production profitable in cold weather?

When cold weather hits, oil production often slows down as equipment struggles to operate efficiently. This leads to reduced yields and profits. To keep your operations running smoothly all year long, you need a way to maintain constant temperatures for your equipment even when the mercury drops.

What you get

This case study explains how McAda Fluids Heating Services was able to boost productivity in winter with custom heating solutions from Powerblanket.

  • Learn how propane tank heaters from Powerblanket prevented tank pressure loss for McAda
  • See how Powerblanket's custom heating blankets boosted McAda's winter oil production
  • Discover the specialized heating solutions Powerblanket created to meet McAda's needs
  • Find out how much money and time McAda saved with Powerblanket heaters

Custom Heating