American Coatings Association Petitions the President

The America Coatings Association (ACA) recently submitted a call to action for the president of the United States. However, they weren’t alone. Fifteen other organizations joined with them.


A Call for Further SafetyWhitehouse

According to the American Coatings Association’s report, they, and fifteen other organizations, sent a letter to the president and his administration, asking for them to take specific actions to increase safety and security in chemical plants throughout the nation. Along with these proposed regulations, they (that is, ACA and their advocates) suggest that such measures will enable the growth of the chemical sector, and in turn, secure more jobs and stability in the industry.

When it comes to safety, it goes without saying that it should be the first priority of any plant, especially a plant that produces potentially harmful materials such as paint and other coatings. If ACA’s hopes are realized, this will only secure more stability and longevity for the greatest asset in the chemical industry—its employees—as well as the second greatest asset—their products.

This move, if supported by the president and his administration, could mean that the paint and coatings market will only increase its present growth potential, adding to a promising outlook after 2013.


Powerblanket’s Commitment to Safety

Powerblanket invests considerable interest in the paint and coatings industry, and we fully endorse the reality that safety comes first. That’s why all our products pass rigorous standards. When we work to help our customers protect their materials from the threat of cold weather, we do so with safety in mind.

Powerblanket manufactures products that are compliant with cETLus Class I, Division 2 hazardous location certification (CID2). This means that our products are engineered to operate safely in conditions where an explosive atmosphere of flammable gases is not likely to occur under normal conditions but still exists as a potential hazard.

What’s the bottom line? Powerblanket products are safe, reliable, and durable. We offer a superior heating solution for the industries we serve. So whether you’re storing paint or some other chemical mixture, Powerblanket’s got it covered, safely.



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